5 Second Fix Review: Latest UV Light Welding Tool

If something is broken it gives a bad experience to everyone ,even when it’s something not so important. 5 Second Fix is an amazing product to help in these situation.

To make the situation difficult,if you need to fix the thing, you have to locate the correcttype of glue. There are various cements work for various materials.

Convenience is the greatest function here – you can shop whenever, anyplace, find the stores situated in various areas.

But not many individuals realize that online stores typically offer much better costs and allow you to take some benefit of some multi-purchase deals .

since you can purchase directly from the maker without involving other person into this process.

So here there is an amazing product that is 5 Second Fix

It is an “as seen on T.V.” product from OnTel Product Corporation. This fast fix is a liquid-plastic welding tool.

What is the 5 Second Fix?

5 Second Fix is a liquid plastic welding compound that gets strong when presented to UV light, which the organization cases will allow you to fix, fill, repair, and seal anything in 5 seconds .

This compound gets strong when presented to UV light. Ontel Products Corporation guarantees that 5 Second Fix can seal and fix any material, for example, plastic, glass, wood, metal, earthenware, and stone.

The welding compound of 5 Second Fix is super fast and creates a strong bonding with its UV light.

Features of 5 Second Fix

  • Quick and Strong!
  • Make an strong Bond in Just 5 Seconds.
  • Just Cures with UV Light So You Can Position Your Repair.
  • Permanent Repair Plastic, Metal, Wood, Glass,Aluminum, Elastic, Fiberglass, Vinyl, Leather more.
  • 100% Brand new and high quality.
  • It Dries Clear So You Can Fix Anything.
  • No glue! Very Powered Liquid Plastic Welding Compound.

What does the 5 Second Fix do?

The organization that made 5 Second Fix said it’s a magical tool which bonds together of any kind of material.

Two separate bits of wood, whether it’s reattaching the leg to a work area or returning a napkin holder together.
Fix a broken plastic thing. It could be a toy, a cracked board from a TV, or the handle from a plastic container. The 5 Second Fix claims it very well may be the product to fix it.

Broken glass trimming. The 5 Second Fix is ideal for melding glass objects.
The 5 Second Fix could fix a torn curtain or most loved shirt.

With 5 Second Fix, We Have To Use Our Imagination

If there is any broken piece, the makers of the 5 Second Fix says their product can fix it. You can save lot of money from fixing instead of replacing them.
OnTel state that 5 Second Fix works in a way that is better than any simple glues you could discover at your neighborhood tool shop. It is the lasting fix for any material that need fix.

It can fill breaks and stop leaks. Not just that can deal with it bond and fix different materials together, however it is paintable, and adaptable.
If the product does all that it stated to do, at that point this is a low-spending instrument you can add to your toolbox.

It can work at all materials; thusly, it’s the quick holding operator you will actually require.

How to Use the 5 Second Fix ?

The UV light charge this compound and comes with a bar attached to the opposite finish of the tool .
This exceptional and novel restoring permits the shopper to reposition the thing as regularly varying prior to holding the items.
If anyone is using Super Glue and had your fingers remained together by accident, you see how this will built – in safety features.

What Does the 5 Second Fix Come With

The product comes packaged with the following things: A wand with the holding compound toward one side.
UVlight at the opposite finish of the bar. When you situated the pieces for fix, it uses UV light to bond the 5 Second Fix together.
A full arrangement of batteries to control the UV light in the fix wand.


It Functions well on glasses, jewelleries and antique.

Works well on frames as well as sculptures.


The directions can be difficult to followDoes not work like an glue.

The compound does not bond well without sufficient UV light.

How It Work?

There are different sites have directed tests and thought of mixed outcomes. One source summarized what mirrors the general decision around 5 Second Fix.

It is excellent for specific materials yet fair on others. The UV light can’t enter uncertain materials like wood, dull plastic, and metal.
The 5 Second Fix can help your present fix project or not.

The site fixed a broken Martini glass.

The bond stayed stable, and the glass kept together.

A porcelain bird that fall from a shelf got repaired and put back together.

The bond remained, and the bird stayed unbroken.

What Are Some Alternatives to 5 Second Fix?

Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder

Bondic is an upscale, and more costly, rendition of 5 Second Fix.

It fixes a wide range of materials.
This arrives in a starter pack, which include:
Fluid plastic with an instrument
An UV LED light
A refill container of fluid plastic
Large and little sanding blocks
Adaptable sanding sticks
Microfiber cleaning materials
It works best on rough surfaces that are free from oil.

Octopus Glue

Octopus stick works a lot of equivalent to 5 Second Fix yet it is designed to bond just replacement glass screens on cell phones.
It is a cement with overly low thickness.

This states it streams accordingly and has a decreased danger of air bubbles.

The product arrives in a needle, allowing you to measure exactly how much glue you need to apply.
You at that point fix the fluid with the LED spotlight for three to five minutes.

RapidFix UV Liquid Plastic Adhesive

RapidFix UV comes in two structures:

A pack with an UV spotlight and 10 milliliters of the reasonable glue.
Refill the pack with the glue .
It takes 10 seconds for the UV light to fix the liquid plastic. You can sand or document the fixed thing to pick up the correct shape.
RapidFix UV works better if you develop it in layers.

Where To Buy 5 Second Fix ?

You can buy 5 Second Fix on their official site.

They are now offering limits for individuals who will buy at least one device.

You can pay by means of your Visa or your PayPal without stressing in light of the fact that the site is SSL encoded.It will cost you ₹1,599 .

All can afford this easily and if you bulk in large quantity you will be get 50% . So Grab it as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Question

Ques1. Will 5 Second Fix work on cast iron?

A. No, it is design to bond with plastic.

Ques2. How long does 5 Second Fix last whenever left unused?

A. It can keep going long as a year.

Ques3. Is 5 Second Fix food safe?

A. No we are not sure about it as you need to check with the customer service.

Ques4. What is the colors of the cured material?

A. It has a clear colour.

Ques5. What is the maximum temperature it can withstand?

A. Temperature range within -40 °C to 150 °C.


The 5 second fix glue is an best choice for fixing broken things.

Otherwise you may need to discard of helpful things that can get fixed easily.

Most importantly it dries quickly makes a strong bond.
This product is made up of user-friendly and making it a important product so that everyone can buy.

The maker is a trustworthy brand that produces high-quality products.

Enjoy this device so that last long to save you from small repairs.


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