About Us

EveryDays Gadgets was founded with the only purpose to Make People aware about the gadgets that makes their Everyday Life Easy.

We Just love tech and we are geeky about it. So we’ll tell you what we know in a fair, unbiased way. That’s what we’re about.

We’re able to promise this because Everydays Gadgets is the new startup but is full of tech experts.

Our experienced techy writers who operate from our offices in London, Bath, San Francisco, New York and Sydney operate under Future’s 20 year old policy of a cast-iron guarantee of editorial independence.

EverydaysGadgets will tell you about the coolest new stuff and the gadgets that make your everyday life easy, as our Tagline suggests itself. We’ll work hard to bring you original quotes and exclusive access. We’ll review it thoroughly and carefully. We’ll explain how it works and why you buy it (or not). Then it’s up to you. Add your own comments and opinions. Review gear for yourself.

Our Agenda is to make your life easy in day to day’s work and make your work easy in the daily activities that you perform on the regular and consitent basis. We will come up with the gadgets that would be under just 100$ catogary and solves the problem of your everyday life.

There’s no monopoly on the truth here – tell us what you think.