airbolt lock review

Airbolt Review – Is It Truly The Smartest Travel Lock?

Everydays gadgets introduce a new device is airbolt lock review is the new portable smart lock that you can control right from your phone. It is loaded with advanced security settings. The smart travel lock comes with a free and easy-to-use Airbolt App and locks combination that gives you complete control of all of your Airbolt locks 24/7. We have prepared this Airbolt review for you. 

airbolt lock review

Airbolt Review

The winner of the 2017 Goog Design Award, this smart travel device will simplify your life and bring you peace-of-mind. All this with only the touch of a button. It can do a lot of things like:

  • It can tell you the last known location of your luggage, backpack, and other valuables.
  • Airbolt can alert you if someone tries stealing your bags.
  • It will keep a log every time someone opens it, and for how long it stayed open.
  • Using only your phone you could lock/unlock dozens of locks – one each for your gym locker, storage shed, briefcase, bike lock, luggage, and more.
  • No more need to store and use keys, remember combos, or fumble with tiny digit tumblers again.

Now without jumping to any conclusion whether it is good or bad. If you should buy it or now, let’s discuss all the details about Airbolt.

What is Airbolt Travel Lock?

AirBolt is a wireless lock that’s controlled by your smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity.

It’s a smart lock/phone app combination that provides advanced hi-tech security with tracking capabilities to keep your valuables from being lost, stolen, or opened without you knowing! Unlike any other lock, AirBolt gives you the unique ability to track and control multiple AirBolt locks right from their free app – making it INSANELY EASY to manage ALL of them right from your phone.

Product specifications

MaterialAluminium Alloy
Body materialMetal
Batteries includedBuilt-In Lithium-Ion
Weight65 g
Bluetooth® versionv4.0
Transmission typeBluetooth
Free App (Google Play and Apple Store)
Out-of-Range Alert
Low Power Consumption
Antenna gain0 dBi
Height36 mm
Shackle materialPlastic Coated + Wire
Frequency range2400 – 2480 MHz
Maximum radio transmit power4 dBm
Shackle opening width23 mm
Shackle Diameter3 mm
Shackle opening height35 mm
Dimensions (Calculated)42 mm (L)36 mm (H)
Length42 mm
Input voltage3.6 VDC


AirBolt has state-of-the-art features that make it hands down the most brilliant portable smart lock ever designed! It makes ordinary padlocks look like sad rocks!

  • SETUP A BACKUP CODE – For situations when you don’t have your phone you can setup a backup code. (like when you wanna leave your phone in your locker at the gym).
  • SEPARATION ALERTS – if you travel at all, you’ll love the PROXIMITY ALERT feature (aka – Separation Alert)! When your phone and lock become separated beyond a few feet, your phone, AirBolt lock, or both, will sound alarms. The alarm is to prevent you from walking away from your bag or having it stolen.
  • SHARE ACCESS – You can give access to trusted friends, family, or coworkers from anywhere in the world – set various permission & security levels with time limits of accessibility.
  • LOCK ACCESS HISTORY – Every time your lock is opened a time-stamp is recorded, creating a detailed history of who & when your lock was accessed.
  • TSA ACCEPTED – Using their special key, TSA agents can safely unlock your AirBolt lock without damaging or cutting it.
  • LED LIGHT CODES – When you see the Blue, Green, and Red LEDs light up to visually tell you an important function is taking place, you’ll know this isn’t any ordinary lock….this is an AirBolt lock!
what is airbolt?

How does it work?

AirBolt uses Bluetooth to talk to your phone — you can unlock it with a simple push of a button, as long as you’re the owner and your smartphone is within range of the lock. AirBolt also re-locks itself if the rope isn’t manually taken out of the locking mechanism, helping prevent accidental unlocking. Other cool features include crowdsourced location tracking, where you’re able to see your luggage’s last location — that’s particularly helpful when you’re on a multi-stopover trip, and the airline staff can’t locate your luggage. You might be able to help them find it faster than they would on their own — and you’re less likely to stress out over your suitcase pulling a Houdini on you.

ANYONE can set it up. All you do is download the FREE app (iOS or Droid) & pair it with your phone and then enjoy keyless, trackable security!

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  • You can also set distance controls for notifications from either the app or the built-in buzzer on the AirBolt itself. That’s helpful if you wander a little too far from your bag — or, you know, someone tries to take it sneakily. A lot of the time luggage can look similar, and another passenger could have a case of mistaken-bag-identity — and really, no one wants to go back to their hotel only to find out the suitcase they thought was theirs belongs to someone else. Can’t visually locate your bag anywhere? You can manually set off an alarm to help find it.

    There’s also a backup button access code that lets you unlock if you don’t have your phone — and if you’re traveling with someone who’s a little less absent-minded than you, AirBolt shared access is available for friends and family. Got a sibling (or mom) that gets a little nosey? Don’t worry: you can access a log of all the times your AirBolt was opened so that you can maintain a little sanity during your next family vacation.

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    Airbolt Review – Final Verdict

    The Airbolt will helps you restrict access to your belongings – and you can unlock it hands-free using your phone.
    Gone are the days of having to search for lost keys to your padlock – today you can unlock it by using your phone as the key.
    A clever app allows you to grant others access to unlock your belongings, using their Bluetooth-enabled phone. The app also keeps track of the padlock’s position so that it can be detected using a smartphone.
    The stainless steel and plastic coated cable of this padlock is sturdy and strong enough to protect your belongings, wherever you leave them.

    This patented smart travel padlock is developed to replace those ‘outdated’ and cumbersome conventional locks. This world’s-first eGeeTouch’s smart travel locks requires no key, no digit-wheels dialling and no code-remembering, hence no fuss for safeguarding your luggage, which unmatched by any ordinary lock. Simply pair with a Bluetooth smartphone or tap a NFC-enabled smartphone, smartwatch, eGeeTouch® NFC tags or any paired NFC-enabled smart devices to secure and unlock luggage. Some models even have Proximity Tracking features to notify you in the event you are leaving your luggage unintentionally. They work for both Apple and Android’s smartphones. A built-in TSA accepted key lock for US airports is also included.


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