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Android360 Camera Reviews: Best Way to Capture Special Moments

Android360 camera is a lightweight and compact spherical camera that connects to your device via USB Type-C. Micro USB adapter included fitting all Android devices.

This 360 camera for Android is the gadget you need wherever you go for the fun. It is extremely lightweight, easy to use and delivers breathtaking results. With this, you carry a 360 world in your pocket today.

You never like to see the world around you in a rectangle or a square dimension, so why should limit yourself to that view in photos and videos in 2d? Android 360-degree cameras let you record everything going on around you at once.

If you have this 360 camera you can enjoy that trip to the Grand Canyon, family birthday party or that concert in virtual reality and really feel as if you were there. Or you can just watch 360 clips on your phone or laptop after uploading them to YouTube or Facebook.

With our smartphones, we can take all-round panoramic pictures to view them in stunning details. Mobile apps and phone cameras can take us to virtual tours of any place on Earth. New immersive user experience and technology are here with Android360 camera newest camera for panoramic images are revolutionizing photography, social media, and event marketing.

What is Android 360 Camera?

android 360 camera reviews

It is the most compact 360-degree camera, the Android360 camera connects to your Phone’s Lightning port, and uses the phone’s screen as your viewfinder (the camera can also be used separately). Not only can it capture great 4K video and 24MP photos, but a slo-mo “bullet-time” feature lets you make Matrix-style movies, too. You can even Livestream to Facebook and YouTube.

Special Benefits and Features Of Android 360 Camera

3K Photo Resolution. A resolution of 3008 x 1504 for a sharp image.

Fish-eye Lenses (2 x f/2.4). Quality lenses to capture the best moments of your life without losing a single bit.

Outstanding Video Resolution. You can now capture your birthday party in 2560 x 1280 @30fps resolution without breaking a sweat.

Battery. The camera uses the battery of the smartphones, so no additional charging is involved.

Storage. You can store the pictures or videos on your phone or choose your preferred location to save content via applications on your phone.

Webcam. If you wish to max out the experience of this device, just plug it into your laptop as your PC and use it as your 360-degree webcam!

360 Degree Stabilization. The camera features a stabilization option for your content—no more pain while watching moments without an ability to understand what is happening!

Virtual Reality. From now on you can remember things exactly how they were, by simply putting on a VR headset and viewing the pictures and videos all over again.

Livestream. The device is able to live stream, so you could share your cooking moment, or an adventure live on social media.

How Does Android 360 Camera Works?

best android camera reviews

The Android360 camera app connects you with other users for sharing their collections and you can view Panos via a 3D viewer or as flat images. With either your iPhone or Android smartphone, Panorama 360 lets you capture the view around you.

The app also supports Google Street View photos and iPhone Panos and includes automatic geotagging. The app stitches shot quickly and let you view it in its own 360-degree viewer. After reviewing your shot, you can upload your Panos to share with your friends and family or embed them in your website or blog. You can also directly upload images to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Android 360 Camera Review – Technical Specifications

Optical: Wideangle: 360°*220°/Screen Size: Dual Angle Fish Eye Lens/Lens Amount:/Double Lens/Maximum Aperture: F2.0/Effective MegaPixel: >25MP/Volume: 37.6/ 37.6 39.5mm / 1.5 1.5 1.6in

Image: The Surround Sound Support: No/High Definition Support: 3K/HD/Image/Resolution: 3008 * 1504/Sensor Type: CMOS/Pixels: 3008 * 1504

Technology: Image Stabilization: EIS/Live Broadcast: Yes/HDMI Output: Yes/VR Support: Yes/Waterproof: NoNight/Shot Function: Yes/3D support: No

General: NFC Support: No/WIFI Support: No/Weight: 26.5g/Remote Control Support: Yes/Processor: Ambarella


  1. Download the application for 360 Camera from Google Play app store;

  2. Install the application;

  3. Insert the Camera via USB connector;

  4. Run the application;

  5. Grant the required permissions to the Camera;

  6. Take pictures or videos like never before!

What Benefits Makes Android 360 Camera So Revolutionary?

Best Android Camera

With Android360 camera you can Livestream your happy moments on YouTube or Facebook, or share images and videos easily with one-click uploads to Twitter, Wechat, QQ, WhatsApp and etc. 3K photo & 2K video, dual fish-eye lens, it can present you a 360-degree vision in your photos or videos.

This panoramic camera is designed for the latest smartphones. Not only has the compact and cute appearance, but it also has powerful functions, a panoramic camera, a 360 webcam, a VR video shooting helper.

Android 360 Camera Reviews: Why Should I Buy This 

Exciting camera features like panoramas and 360-degree photos have taken smartphones by storm in recent years. But, taking these immersive photos isn’t quite as easy as pulling out your phone and clicking a button. Thankfully, there is a great Android 360 camera that can help take your photos to the next level.

We highly recommend this Android360 Camera to all our readers for the excellent experience while capturing your precious moment of life.

Where to Buy Android 360 Camera:

Android 360 Camera is only available online and can be found on the official website. Buying directly from the official store ensures that you get the combination of the best price and quality.

Does the iPhone have a 360 camera?

For iPhone and iPad users, it’s as simple as opening the Camera app, selecting the Panorama shooting mode and capturing a panoramic photo. It’s worth noting, however, that the photos need to be a certain width for Facebook to recognize them as being 360-compatible

What is a 360-degree view?

The 360-degree customer view is the idea, sometimes considered unattainable, that companies can get a complete view of customers by aggregating data from the various touchpoints that a customer may use to contact a company to purchase products and receive service and support.

What is a 360 image?

A 360-degree photo is a controllable panoramic image that surrounds the original point from which the shot was taken. … Once enough shots are taken to surround the photographer, the pictures are either uploaded to an application to be turned into a 360-degree photo or created through a mobile app on a smartphone.

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