BarXBuddy Review – Is It Really Worth It?


Someone has rightly said that dogs are the best companion that humans can ever have. They are the most loyal and lively mates you can ever have. Dogs are also helpful in reducing stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, encourage exercise and playfulness, and even improve your cardiovascular health. They are the most honest creatures on earth. Having a dog at your home is truly a blessing. But barking dogs can be a big nuisance as well.

Ponder over all those times when your Dog really irritates you with barking. Sometimes their bark doesn’t let you sleep and hinders your day to day activities. Barking dogs can also be embarrassing for you if you are going to have guests at your place. Sometimes the barking of your dog can also irritate your neighbors. Dogs don’t have control over the amount of barking in a day. All these things surely must have annoyed you at some time and you always desired to have a gadget that can control the barking of dogs.

Fortunately, with the help of technology, this has become possible. And here we are presenting you the Barxbuddy review that helps you train your dog to bark at very necessary times. This gadget will give you relief from the annoying dog barking. And the best part is this will not harm your dog and any other pet nearby. Barxbuddy has become a must-have gadget if you have a dog at your home and you want to control his barking without hurting him. 

What Is BarXBuddy?

Barxbuddy is a technologically advanced gadget that helps you master over the barking of your dog. It is a training tool that emits ultrasonic frequency waves that can only be heard by your dog or puppy. Humans can’t hear these frequencies so it will seem to them that nothing is being done. But this product being a training tool surely helps you to stop the bad behavior of your dog by training them to bark at very necessary situations. By hearing the high pitched ultrasonic sounds, the attention of your dog gets diverted to you which helps you to control their barking easily. This is a scientifically used gadget and is known to not cause any harm to the wellness and health of your dog. 

How Does BarXBuddy Works?

This device is a very simple one to use that even a naive can use it efficiently. It simply works by emitting ultrasonic frequency sounds that can only be heard by your dog and helps you to get the attention of your dog. The device has 2 main buttons : Switch button(upper) and training button(lower) with a LED light on top. There is no fixed time for training. 

You just only need to press the training button when your dog barks and your dog will get attentive towards you. The dog will slowly learn to get attentive and soon after when your dog gets trained, he will automatically calm down and sit when you press the  button. It also has a high power LED light that functions as a visual stimulus for dogs.

You can use the flashlight to look for your dog at night as well. When your dog gets quiet you can just release the button and give them a moment to stay calm. When your dog realizes that you are happy with their behavior they will certainly understand what you are expecting from them. Training should be repeated to teach your dogs which behavior is desirable and which is not.

How Fast Can It Work?

The results of Barxbuddy are not immediate for any dog. Your dog takes time to learn the appropriate behavior. Moreover, the results depend on the breed and age of your dog. Generally, the younger dogs get trained fast as they are very adaptive to learning new habits and acquire them fast. They will also stick to their habits for a long time. The aggressive breeds of dogs take a little more time to learn. So you have to be a little patient while using it.


  • Small and compact size
  • Portable
  • Comes with an in built LED flash light which helps to locate your dog at night and calm him
  • Easily controllable with buttons
  • Works in a range of 15ft.


  • Very easy to operate
  • Easy to carry
  • Works on all breeds
  • Operated with single button
  • Harmless to your dog
  • Harmless to other pets
  • Effective on dogs


There are no known disadvantages of Barxbuddy. The product is receiving much appreciation from the users. There are no side effects of using it on your dog.

Barxbuddy review

Why Do You Need BarXBuddy?

Your dog is your best mate but sometimes they can become really irritating for you and at that time controlling them by using usual words won’t help you. But with barxbuddy, you can train your dogs to be disciplined without being harsh to them. You don’t need to cage them or scold them. This simple gadget will make your work way too easy.

Many of you might have used many food items that claim to make your dog calm. But those food items contain many harmful ingredients that can affect the wellness of your dog. So Barxbuddy is a good alternative over all those items. It will neither harm your dog in any way nor any other pet around you. 

This device is also known to work on the rodents in your house. The high frequency sound also keeps the rodents away from your house.

Does It Work On All Breeds?

Yes Barxbuddy is known to work on all breeds of dog and is completely safe for them. However the time taken to get trained varies from one breed to another. Some common breeds of dogs on which it works are:

  • Big dogs like German Shepherds, Huskies
  • Small dogs like Pomerian
  • Active dogs like Boxers
  • Aggressive dogs like Pitbull and Rottweiler
  • Milder dogs like poodles.

Apart from dogs, it also works on cats and rodents.

Why Is It Better Than Competition?

Nobody wants to harm their dogs. The ultrasonic sound emitted by barbuddy is very unpleasant to the ears of your dog but it doesn’t harm their ears in any way.When compared to its other alternatives present in the market, barxbuddy is cheaper and very effective.

Is BarXBuddy Safe For Dogs?

The product is 100 percent safe for your dogs. There are no known side effects of the product on your dog. It is non-violent to your dog in any way.

Where Can You Buy It?

The product is best ordered from the manufacturer’s website where you can also get heavy discounts while purchase. Ordering from the manufacturer’s website ensures you that you are getting a genuine product. You can also order it online from other trustworthy websites such as amazon.

BarXBuddy Review : Customer Testimonials

The product is receiving an overwhelming response from the users. People are very happy using it. The people around have given 4-5 star ratings to the product and highly recommend it to others for use as the product is a must have in the pet’s list nowadays.

One happy customer says that, “He was a very lonely man. His wife died some time back. So he bought a puppy to find the love and companionship in him. But sometimes he got so infuriated with his barking that he would lock him up in a room. Then he heard of Barxbuddy and thought of giving it a try. He further added that he is so impressed with the product that he bought one for his friend as well and recommended it to others having a dog.”

Another very satisfied customer says that, “ He is an animal lover and loves to have dogs around. But when he comes home from the office, his dog does not let him sleep. As he gets very tired and needs sleep, he bought Barxbuddy online to control the unnecessary barking of his dog. He found the product very useful and rated it 5 stars.”

Another very contented customer rated the product 5 star and said that, “Barking has been an issue in our home for nearly a decade. Tried different gadgets with little to no success. Decided to try Barxbuddy after reading an article. Totally amazed at the outcome. Stops our pets in their tracks. What a godsend. Love it. I will order a couple more for backups or family.”

BarXBuddy Review: Is It Really Worth The Price?

The answer is a big yes. This is the best product that you can ever have to control the barking of your dog without being violent to him. It is extremely affordable and saves your time and money. 

The product ensures you that you can have a pet that does not irritate you much by barking unnecessarily. I am sure your guests will also get pleased with your dog and they will not be a nuisance for your neighbours as well.

Hope this Barxbuddy review proves fruitful to you. 

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