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Best Drone With Camera Under $300

If you are thinking of buying your first drone and want to know the best good quality drone, we show you the interesting options available according to your budget and needs.

To help our readers, We have spent the last few days testing quadcopters, reading user reviews, and have compiled a list of well equipped, best drones with cameras under $300 for you.

If you are a beginner, you will be willing to start learning with a drone that is easy enough to fly and control. In addition, you need it to be strong enough to survive a crash caused by an error in your first maneuvers.

Fortunately, this 2020 we have a large number of good, beautiful and cheap drones available under $300; so in this post, we make a compilation of the best affordable drones in the market.

They may have lesser quality cameras and first-person-view (FPV) flying options while these are still good enough to learn the basics. afterward, once you feel more confident in your skills as a drone pilot, you can decide whether to upgrade to a more expensive, professional drone.

The 10 Best Drones Under $300 In 2020

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Guide to Buy The Best Quality-Drones

Drones are mini helicopters or air vehicles which have two main objectives, entertainment, and commercial/professional use.

There are many companies that use it as a working tool, such as making promotional videos.

It is always difficult to know which is the best drone since there are numerous types, models, brands and above all, those that target one audience or another.

Therefore, there are many factors that we must take into account when making a decision.

You should buy a drone if …

  • You have always liked remote control cars, now you can control a done by air.
  • You are curious and you are passionate about bird’s-eye views.
  • You like photos and videos , because you can take impressive captures.
  • You are dedicated to surveying and you need to have snapshots from the air.
  • You need a drone to use it commercially / professionally and take advantage of it.

Factors to consider

As you will see later in the section, drones have only two uses, mere entertainment or commercial and professional use.

Therefore, there are models that fit these two main objectives. In fact, some are specially designed for children, beginners, and professionals. That is, the first thing that we will have to take into account when buying a drone is the utility that we will give it.

Once our priorities have been decided, you only have to take a look at the previous list at the top of this article.

Best Drone Brands

As in all product categories, there are many brands fighting to get a piece of cake. However, we could select the most representative ones.

The Chinese DJI brand is the one that takes the cat into the water. It is considered the best brand with more years of experience. It offers vast benefits, however, it is mainly aimed at the professional and experienced public.

Two other brands also well recognized in the market, are Potensic and Syma, they offer drones with extensive features but targeting a public with a tighter budget and beginners.

In-Built GPS 

Having integrated GPS is a very competitive advantage for advanced and professional users since you can locate it in case of loss and configure automatic routes, among others.

The main functionalities that the GPS will provide you and that you will see reflected on the remote control screen are:

RTH or return home: This feature consists of the automatic return by the drone to your position, when it reaches a minimum level of battery or flight out of range.

Follow me or Follow me: You can configure your drone to follow you wherever you go, it is really useful for promotional videos.

Set a route: You can configure a route on the remote control map so that the drone plays it, that is, turn in circles and go to a certain point and return.

With camera

Another factor to keep in mind, the camera built into a drone offers a lot of versatility to a user. There are models with cameras up to 12 megapixels to record in very high resolution (HRD, HD, 4K).

Best of all, thanks to their stabilizer sensors, that helps you make recordings and photos at breakneck speeds.

Internal memory

If your idea is to get the most out of taking photos and videos, you will need to get a drone that has a good internal memory or at least the possibility of inserting an external memory card. This mode can store everything you record or, photograph, and later transfer it to another electronic device such as a computer or mobile.

Do not worry, it is really easy, many of the memory cards are micro SSD, and you will be able to transfer all the files to the PC with a USB port, generally, it is usually typed C.

Additionally, you can integrate your mobile or small tablet into the remote control of the drone as well as transfer the photos and videos you take.

Battery life

Most of the drones only offer between 8 to 15 minutes of flight time. However, the most sophisticated and advanced ones can last up to 60 minutes.

This is why almost all drone comes with two batteries, otherwise, it is advisable to get one or two as a spare so that you can enjoy the exciting experience of flying a drone.

Remote control method

This is the way we are going to monitor our drone, there are numerous ways to do it. The most rudimentary is by means of a remote control or remote control where we can manage it at our whim.

On the contrary, and with the most sophisticated ones, apart from having an integrated screen, we can connect it to our mobile device and fly from here.

The distances they can reach are very varied, we have from 100 meters to kilometers, it all depends on the benefits they offer and their price


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