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Best Smartwatch Under 100 USD To Buy In The Year 2020

Best Smartwatch Under 100 USD To Buy In the Year 2020 is the xWatch smartwatch. xWatch is the ultimate smartphone accessory. It has all the usual features you would expect from a smartwatch. It is suitable for both Android and iOS.

Most smartwatches whether they’re for daily use or for specific purposes offer a suite of standard features. Features like notifications, fitness tracking, apps, media management and many more. Smartwatches provide maximum functionality within the minimum size.

They provide all internet browsing capabilities. And even offer sim card slots to give the complete functionality of a phone which includes calls and texts. Like smartphones, there are many options available in smartwatches. We have prepared a list of Best Smartwatch Under 100 USD to buy in the year 2020.

Best SmartWatch Under 100 USD


1. xWatch SmartWatch

xWatch Review

xWatch is number one on our list of best smartwatch under 100 USD. The xWatch smartwatch is the ultimate smartphone accessory. There are plenty of smartwatches available in the market that work on their own. Today’s best smartwatch models can perform lots of tricks, like searching the internet with your voice, tracking your location with GPS or even monitoring your heart rate to protect your overall health – with our without pairing to one of the best phones on the market. And xWatch is one of the best. Read the full xWatch Review.

2. T Watch SmartWatch

twatchT Watch is on 2nd number on our list of best smartwatch under 100 USD. The T Watch is the solution to a problem that more and more people are experiencing. This is a smartwatch that is able to combine various features in one device. This way, you will always be interconnected and get the data you need. This is a tactical watch that many armies use which proves that it is of high quality. All its features focus on monitoring health and interconnectivity using different means. Read the full T Watch Review.

3. HealthWatch SmartWatch


HealthWatch is a fitness tracker watch. It is a premium looking advanced fitness tracker that can help you take a snapshot of your vital function in real-time so that you can achieve a healthy lifestyle.

The Healthwatch is monitoring your pulse, heart rate, and blood pressure in real-time. You can easily monitor your day to day vital signs using HealthWatch.  Read the full HealthWatch Review.

4. UltraWatch Z SmartWatch

Ultrawatch Z Tech Watch

On 4th number, we have UltraWatch Z on our list of best smartwatch under 100 USD. UltraWatch Z is capable of doing every task which your smartphones can do. This smartwatch is waterproof and you can use it in any season of the year. It is made using modern technology for easy use. It has the body of carbon-coating. UltraWatch Z is built with amazing features such as Gorilla glasses to make it easy to use in the day as well as night. Gorilla glasses protect the watch from rain, dust, sunlight, and wind. Read the full UltraWatch Z Review.

5. TechWatch SmartWatch


TechWatch is packed with the latest Android watch OS technology. It uses the latest generation of smartwatch hardware and the newest version of Android Watch OS. This gives the smartwatch the identical functionalities to Samsung or Fitbit watches. This watch comes in with a built-in heart-rate and sleep monitor, able to track how well your body is performing at any time of the day. Read the full TechWatch Review.

6. T1 Tact Watch Tactical SmartWatch

T1 Tact Watch Review

The military-grade T1 Tact Watch has an accurate altimeter, a complete barometer, and a precise electronic compass. The design is classic and simplistic, which is true to the brand and perfect for those who just want something minimal and failsafe. Its rubber strap is also durable and perfect for outdoor wear and tear. Read the full T1 Tact Watch Review.

7. Activ8 Fitness Tracker

Track fit watch review

The ActiV8 Fitness activity Tracker incorporates a range of features that gather information on the basis of your daily life activities. The Advance technology and a wealth of data-gathering and interpreting options are there to make an easy to wear fitness wristband for you. It is Suitable for 24/7, Whether you want to monitor your sleep, keep track of your exercise or tweak your weight loss routine, this smartwatch has the capacity to meet your requirements. Read the full Activ8 Fitness Tracker Review.

8. TrackFit Watch

activ8 Fitness tracker

On number 8 on our list of best smartwatch under 100 USD, we have TrackFit Watch. The TrackFit Watch promises to be the revolutionary new partner for anyone who cares about their well being. It monitors and gives feedback about its user’s health. TrackFit is not just another Smartwatch in the market. TrackFit has an amazing and incomparable price-quality ratio with no problems of synchronization or compatibility with your smartphone and high-quality apps. Read the full TrackFit Watch Review.

How To Choose The Best SmartWatch Under 100 Dollars?

The best smartwatch is the one that’s compatible with your smartphone and your needs. And finding the one that suits your budget is really a tough job. Markets are flooded with smartwatches that costs under $100. So how do we identify which one is the best? While choosing a smartwatch there are some key factors that you need to look for. Let’s review all the key points one by one.


The first thing you need to look in a watch is if it is compatible with your smartphone or not. A number of them can be paired with only a limited number of mobile devices. You would not want to spend your money on a watch that you can’t use. This is why checking compatibility is an absolute when looking for a smartwatch to buy.

Always make sure the smartwatch will be compatible with your existing smartphone or another smartphone that you plan to pair with it.


The display of the watch is going to be a key factor while choosing the best smartwatch. There are usually two options – an AMOLED display or an LCD screen. Each option has its strengths and weakness. AMOLED displays offer a better viewing angle and excellent color visibility in the screen where black will indeed be black. On the other hand, LCD screens possess what the AMOLED lacks. LCD screens are much brighter. AMOLED displays that are not as bright as LCD screens.

User Interface

As per the user interface, there are three major options in smartwatches. Touch, Buttons, Touch + Buttons. The choice between having a touch screen or not in a smartwatch is undeniable. We suggest you choose touchscreen options. But we won’t force you to buy the touchscreen option. Our best advice is to try all three options before buying. At last buy the one with which you are most comfortable.


We live in an era where looks & style of a product is one of the most influential things in boosting its sale. Some people won’t even look at the specs and will buy the smartest looking watch available. No one wants to buy an ugly looking watch.

Battery Life

Battery life is one of the important criteria to choose the right smartwatch. It is something that we are all unsatisfied with but will have to deal with the situation anyway. The smartwatch technology is still relatively new for which battery life in most smartwatches may not be the best. That why you should double, or even triple confirm if your smartwatch will last the entire day and if not the whole day, how long will it last?

Heart Rate and GPS Monitor

Good Smartwatches are very good at keeping track of your heart rate. You might not be a gym freak or much attracted towards fitness in general but cheeping out on this feature is not an option. GPS is another must-have feature in the smartwatch. It allows you to see your location in real-time in a map and also allows its user to find a place that is unknown to the user.

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