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Blade 720 Drone Review: Shoot Like A Pro With Drone

If you are looking for Blade 720 Drone Review, then you have finally reached to the right place. You might be looking for more information about this stunning drone. so, go ahead and you will get to know everything about this drone here.

blade 720 drone review is taking the world by storm. It lets you take stunning photos and videos from above, so you can impress your friends on your next vacation. You can take it with you anywhere thanks to its compact size.

It’s so easy to use that you can have it ready to go in under 30 seconds. The best part? Blade 720 Drone focuses on product development instead of branding. This means they’re able to offer a world-class quality drone at an incredibly low price. You Can order You Drone On 50% Discount and Free Shipping Now Here

Whether you’re looking to regularly create content for social media or just a collection of personal videos and photos to keep your memories alive, it helps to be able to shoot them by yourself. Unfortunately, high-quality smartphones are not enough anymore!

Videos and photos made using drones are incredible and more and more people want to buy one. The problem though is the high price and the fact that most drones are very difficult to use.

But now there is Blade 720 Drone on the market, a drone that meets the expectations of those who want easy use, high quality, and low price all in one! Too good to be true? Let’s check it out.

What is Blade 720 Drone?

blade 720 drone review

It is a new portable drone equipped with sophistication: it has a High-Resolution camera, optical flow sensors, and intelligent maneuvers control.

Blade 720 Drone is a precision-engineered drone that is specifically designed for easy flying, making it perfect to fly inside or to record action shots whilst on the move. Its foldable structure and lightweight design make it an essential item for any adventure!

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How Does This Blade 720 Drone Works?

blade 720 drone video review

We were surprised by how easy it is to set up! First, you have to install an app (just scan the QR code in the manual). It’s all very easy.

Once you have done that, just plug in the battery, connect to your drone and start up the app. In less than 10 seconds you’re ready to fly your drone!

The best part comes: flying is so incredibly easy. The controls are just superb, really intuitive. Flying the drone feels natural. A colleague’s kids happened to be at the office, and they figured it all out in seconds—on their first drone flight ever. It’s just amazing how easy and smooth the controls are!

Once you’re in the air, it’s time to use the built-in camera. You can take the most stunning pictures and videos. Take videos from otherwise impossible angles and impress your friends with the coolest selfies!

Special Features and Specifications of Blade 720 Drone

drone 720x reviews

Blade 720 Drone is Controlled via iOS and Android:

Simply install the App and connect through Wi-Fi to the drone.

Light and Durable

It will stay untouched even after a strong crash so you don’t have to worry when first learning.

HD Photos and Videos

Record video in HD at 120 frames per second and take photos up to 12 megapixels.

Slow-motion mode

Replay your unique experiences in high-quality slow motion.

Strong Wind Resistance

Despite its size, it has a 6-7 level wind resistance.

Panorama Mode

Capture 360-degree photos from the air with just one click of a button captures 360-degree photos from the air with just one click of a button.

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Blade 720 Drone Review Video: Watch This Drone In Action

Why Blade 720 Drone So Revolutionary?

drone blade 720 specs

Blade 720 bucks the trend by producing not only one of the world’s smallest drones, but by ensuring the HD video quality is exceptional, and the price just a FRACTION of what other drones are being sold for.

Historically, drones of this caliber have been restricted to professional licensed drone companies or the military.

However, with the latest advances in technology, even “normal” citizens like our editorial team or you can enjoy this amazing piece of technology, without having to go through any kind of exams!

Special Benefits of 720 Drone Blade:

Blade 720 Drone is Foldable

The propellers fold inwards to make the drone easier to carry and better protected during transit

Increased Flight Time 

Blade 720 has improved battery life and it’s the fastest drone of its category at a speed of up to 12 meters per second with a top transmission range of 2 km.

Altitude Hold Mode

This mode locks the height and the location of the drone so it can hover steadily at one spot and capture great photos and videos.

Gravity Sensor 

Blade 720 has embedded gravity sensors, which detect the ground and other obstacles and change the flying course automatically to avoid a collision.

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Blade 720 Drone Review: Why People Love This Drone 

“I have been thinking about buying this new high-tech gadget for a long time. After watching thousands of videos about it, I thought I could try it, I placed an order and waited. Waiting was worth it, I love its incredible quality, it has a lot to offer. ”

– Jimmy, United States

“The videos this drone records are fantastic! It captures clear images and it’s super easy to use! I highly recommend it! The price and performance are unbeatable …”

– Charlie, United Kingdom

“I am really impressed with this drone, it is lots of fun, it has Wi-Fi real-time connectivity so you can see the live video happening in the air from your phone. The camera has excellent quality, it is very convenient to carry around because it is small yet it has all the capabilities of the bigger ones. The battery lasts around 15 minutes which is decent considering the size. Very pleased.”

– Adam, Austria

“It is an amazing drone at a very cheap price! At first, it takes a little time to learn how to fly it, but the “beginner mode” is very useful! The photos and videos are impressive If you want to take photos and videos of your trip or vacation from a completely new perspective. This drone is perfect! “

– Oliver, Germany

Final Verdict: Should I Buy Blade 720 Drone?

Blade 720 Drone is highly recommendable to all the drone lovers. It is the most affordable drone in the market that is equipped with all the latest and advanced technology.

So, What are you waiting for? Just go ahead and claim your a 50% discount and free shipping offer to make this stunning drone yours today.

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drone review

The FAQ(FreQuently Asked Questions) For Blade 720 Drone Review

Blade 720 Drone Reviews: How to Set-Up This Drone?

You might be thinking that it is complicated to fly these drones. This one is relatively simple, so here are the instructions on how to get your drone up, running, and ready for flight:

  • Take the drone out of the box with all of the components.
  • Using the included screwdriver, attach the blades to the copter (if they were already
  • attached, they may become damaged during the shipping process).
    Download the accompanying app on the Apple (iOS) or Google Play (Android) store.
  • Follow the app’s simple instructions to sync the app with your drone.
  • Hook your phone into the included remote control.
  • Ensure the Blade 720 Pro has been properly charged and hit the one-key take-off button.
  • You’re now flying a drone!

Note: We recommend doing basic maneuvers to start out with, going from point A to point B, flying in a circle, then a square. Once you’ve got some practice under your belt, open it up and see what this device is really capable of.

What Smartphone Platform does it support?

All android and IOS Smartphones

How many megapixels is the Camera?

720p HD Ultrawide

Does It Have 3D VR Mode?


Blade 720 Drone Flight Time Range

With this battery, you will have a flight time of about 20 minutes. The drone is equipped with a camera and the 720p resolution on the drone means that it can record in HD.

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