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Do you also struggle while cutting your nails with old designed scissors? To look good and for maintaining hygiene, it has become essential to cut your nails every 7-15 days. But old designed scissors might not work for everybody. As the demand for applying too much pressure in order to cut your nails neatly. And this could be complicated for the people suffering from arthritis. Or differently-abled people and old aged people. So considering your needs, manufacturer has  launched a new gadget named Clipper Pro.

I am sure you are very curious to know about it in detail. So here we are providing you with a Clipper Pro review.

What is Clipper Pro?

This gadget is an upgraded nail cutter that comes with features that are sure to guarantee you the best cuts without seeking the services of a professional manicure artist. Nails have a natural curve that can easily lose its shape when it is cut inappropriately. To ensure that this curve sustains, this device has a handle and is tailor-made to take the exact curve of your nails. This prevents you from cutting the nails too much than you had anticipated and interfering with the original curvature.

On top of it, it is specially designed by the team of three orthopedic surgeons to improve and modernize the time tested basic nail clipper.

How does Clipper Pro work?

You just have to hold this device in the palm of your hand instead of fingertips which will give you an improved grip. Then you can rotate its blades by180 degrees and adjust according to your requirement. After placing it at the correct position,a little pressure is to be applied at the handle which ensures precise cut.

The best thing about this is, it lessens the chances of injury or cutting your finger as it has well designed structure. And do not call for applying too much strength while operating your device.

Clipper Pro

Technical facts

Top-notch durable surgical steel is being used for manufacturing Clipper Pro. To ensure that it weighs not too heavy, it’s the handle is made of plastic. Also, to add more to your convenience, its cutting head is made flexible for making it work for you in a smooth and undemanding way. 

Parts of Clipper Pro comprises of:

  1. Cutting surfaces shaped according to the fingernail arch.
  2. Adjustable cutting head
  3. 3.Surgical steel
  4. 4.Plastic handle

Why do I need Clipper Pro?

You usually get irritated when your big nails obstruct your household chores or office work. Also for maintaining  social standards and hygiene, you cannot do without a nail cutter.Well,i know you must be thinking that you can cut your nails with original nail cutters as well,Then what makes this device different from others?

The unique thing about this is that  it comes with a rotating blade which you can adjust as per your requirements and it works best for old aged and differently abled people, as you don’t need to apply so much strength whereas old nail cutters can not do without applying too much pressure and moreover they could harm your fingers or cuticles in the process of cutting while Clipper Pro prevents any injury to your finger or cuticles.

Also,for women this is a best go for tool as they like maintaining their nails and this device makes it easier for them to do so without visiting saloons and spending so much. Also it offers the best leverage for cutting particularly thicker nails since its blades are exceptionally sharp. 

Clipper pro review


Ergonomic handle

To command more control and comfort, Clipper Pro has been designed in a way that it fits the palm of your hand effectively. This feature also permits you to put the blade in the anticipated position before clipping due to its unique rotating edge.

180 degrees rotation

You don’t have to move your finger in order to match the position of your blade. Rather, the blade will move in order to adjust according to the position of your nail.


Its lightweight and compact size make it ideal for travel,  which is a win-win situation as it won’t consume much of your space.

Surgical Steel Blades

Clipper Pro is made of surgical-grade 420 steel blades which ensures clean and hygienic clipping. The steel blades are super sharp, thus minimizing the force applied.

Blade-locking technology

Unlike other brands, whose blades overlap, Clipper Pro blades lock when pressure is applied which ensures smooth and precise cut.

Orthopedic approved

This device has been designed by experts considering the safety of a person and thus it is highly recommended.

What makes it different from other nail scissors?

It’s unique features make it superior to other available nail scissors in the market. The best part is its 180 degree rotating blade which can fit in any angle according to the position of your nail. Also the issue with customary nail scissors is that you have to apply too much force that could be difficult for everybody considering the age, muscle problems etc. 

Once, my grandfather was using original nail scissors to cut his nail but its structure and too much force application ended up injuring his finger. And since then, I didn’t let him use those cutters. And thought of buying  Clipper Pro for him and to my surprise, he is now able to cut his nails without any hassle and help. 

Also, as I previously mentioned, it’s lightweight and plastic handle makes it easy for anyone to hold it and place it in the right position without much effort. All this prevents injury and saves time, which makes Clipper Pro a must have product. 


Prevents injury

Unlike other available nail scissors, this will surely not hurt your finger or cuticles, instead allows for a very precise cut without much effort. 

Saves your effort

Unlike other nail cutters, which demands so much strength, this nail scissor will let you cut your nails effortlessly and without investing so much time.

Easy to operate

Other nail scissors are very small and allow you to hold them with your thumb and forefinger which makes it little uneasy while using them, whereas Clipper Pro will not let you suffer from any discomfort as it is very lightweight and its size and plastic handle makes it easy to use.


After researching a lot and using it for myself , I genuinely have nothing bad to say about this device because of the numerous benefits it offers. Its features, structure makes it very unique and useful for everybody irrespective of age, profession, gender etc. 

How to buy Clipper Pro?

It is recommended that you purchase it directly from the manufacturer. For this, you need to visit the website and place an order. All that you need to do is fill the form and place the order. You can choose one of the payment methods. If you keep checking the page regularly, you can also make the most out of an available offer as there are very high chances of discounts being offered by the manufacturer on its website from time to time and this way you can grab one for your bedroom, one for bathroom and other one  for your handbag which assists you  in saving your hard-earned money.

Also, if you don’t like the product or face any problem you can return it within 30 days of your purchase  without any hassle. 

Clipper Pro Reviews by Customers

To let you witness it all by yourself, we are here providing you with the reviews of various customers, who actually purchased it and enjoyed its numerous benefits.

“I am handicapped and have limited mobility in my left hand. Therefore, cutting nails on my right hand has been a chore. This product really made it a lot easier to cut my nails on my right hand!”

“I was looking for a new nail clipper and was a little hesitant on this one, at first, based on the price. I wanted something easier to operate while reaching my toenails. This clipper was amazing. It was extremely easy to grip and squeeze. Don’t let the price scare you off. You will not be disappointed with your purchase if you are looking for something other than a “standard” nail clipper!”

“I was so impressed with this product. Cutting my nails and toe nails has always been a chore until now. I bought the CLIPPER PRO and my life is now complete. I love this product. This is the best nail clipper I’ve ever used!”

“I have had trouble in the past in getting my toenails clipped. At 81 years old, I am not as nimble as I once was, and do not have the strength to use conventional clippers. I used my new clippers for the first time this morning, and I was so pleased with the outcome. It was easy and comfortable to use, and I was not frustrated in getting the job done!”

Clipper Pro Review – Conclusion

If you look out for reviews or reports related to Clipper Pro, you will come across stories from several customers. Most of the people are satisfied with the product. There can be nothing better than this for older people. It is a great nail care tool that can be used with great ease. Invest your money in Clipper Pro, and you will never regret it. You will surely get well maintained and attractive looking nails once you start using this tool regularly. So what are you waiting for! Place an order right away. We hope that the Clipper Pro review might help you and will assist you in your purchase.

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