CoolAir Review: Best Portable Personal Cooler Fan

It is no secret that summer heat is something that not all of us can handle. It all feels nice and comfortable – right until the moment when you feel the heat is trying to suffocate you. The worst part is that in some places, the temperature can easily go over 50 degrees – and even more. There you feel the need of gadgets like CoolAir. So we have covered the detailed Coolair review for you. Read further make your decision towards saving money this summer.

When it gets hot outside, there are many ways to keep yourself cool inside. Even if you have air conditioning, it might become difficult to turn on air conditioning if you’re alone in the room. A small, portable air cooler might be enough to take down the temperature. They use evaporative cooling to produce cold, moist air.

It has a fan that takes in warm air from the surroundings and blows it over the water that you place in the cooler’s reservoir. The flow of warm air will evaporate the water.

This makes the air moist and cool at the same time. Thus, if you are sweltering on a hot, dry summer day, an evaporative air cooler will produce cool, moist air. And instead of using kilowatts of power, it can cool you off at as little as 18 Watts of power.

In our CoolAir Review, we will discuss how the device compares with traditional air conditioning units and what makes this product stand out in the market:

Since CoolAir personal air cooler take advantage of water evaporation’s natural ability to cool the air, they use considerably less electricity than other air conditioners that use compressors.

This is the best design that uses up to 80% less electricity than similarly sized AC units. This not only keeps electricity costs down but helps protect the environment.

The Advantages of Using CoolAir

Evaporative air coolers offer several advantages over air conditioner units. It’s best to read several evaporative cooler reviews to determine which options match your needs best. Most of the designs offer similar features. Some of the most effective features include:

  • Water tanks that can hold several gallons of water or ice
  • Fans that have multiple settings so owners can control airflow
  • Oscillating functions that distribute cooled air evenly
  • Remote controls that let users adjust settings from a distance

What is CoolAir?

CoolAir is a lightweight, powerful, and compact air conditioner that provides excellent cooling without consuming a lot of energy. The product is also portable, and you can use it anywhere you like, as long as there is an electrical socket nearby.

The device produces clean and natural air in your room without making excessive noise. Besides that, the device is excellent for humidifying dry air and controlling the humidity levels of your rooms.

Instead of using harmful chemical agents and refrigerants, CoolAir reduces indoor temperatures with the help of water. The device evaporates water and disperses vapors with the help of its fan. These water vapors then clean and cool down the hot air. As a result, the device is eco-friendly and consumes minimal energy.

Although the CoolAir device is not as powerful as a comprehensive air conditioning system, the device does well to hold on its own. It can cool down temperatures significantly in a selected area.

CoolAir Portable Air Cooler Special Features

Many consumers and businesses prefer portable designs that they can move from room to room. Portable options are a cost-effective way to keep spaces comfortable during warm days.

Some popular features included in portable CoolAir include:

  • Small size
  • Lightweight
  • Long electrical cords for proper placement
  • Water and ice tanks
  • Water connections that work with garden hoses, spigots, and direct water lines
  • The Integrated Water Reservoir Last For Many Hours Of Using
  • CoolAir Traps Impurities In A Systematic Way
  • This Air Cooler Prevents A Lot Of Health Issues.

How CoolAir Personal Air Cooler Works?

CoolAir AC can start cooling your home within 60 seconds. The device has three separate fans, which allows it to kick start the cooling process without wasting time. You can utilize these fan settings while you are working, playing sports or sleeping.

As this is an evaporative cooler, it has a 750ml water tank that sits on the side. It’s a little fiddly to remove, and the flap on top is a bit flimsy, but after a couple of refills I got the hang of getting the tank in and out smoothly.

the cartridge inside absorbs the Water from this tank, spreading evenly over the surface of the cooling pads. As the fan at the rear blows warm air over the water, it evaporates, cooling the air and adding humidity to it.

The water tank will provide three to four hours of cooling. With 20 speed settings, there’s plenty of scopes for it to offer everything between a gentle breeze and a full blast of air.

In its default mode, the display shows the incoming air temperature, which is the ambient temperature of your room. It also displays the outgoing air temperature, which shows you how effectively the unit is working.

Who Can Use CoolAir?

The benefits that CoolAir brings are totally universal – everyone would find this tiny air cooler amazing! Since it requires no special knowledge to operate, fits on any night table, and is very easy to carry around, this mini device is a perfect companion that helps to fight summer heat anytime, anywhere.

CoolAir features

This is also very beneficial for babies as they need a cool and comfortable place to sleep. This also comes equipped with a colorful mood light that is attractive to kids. This air cooler makes sure that you have a cooler place to rest.

Whether you work in an overcrowded office with no air, are a mother that struggles to keep her children asleep because of the temperature in the room, find it difficult to sleep yourself, or simply want to keep your comfort temperature at all times, CoolAir is the number 1 choice.

If you are searching for a consistent source of fresh, clean, and cool air, then consider CoolAir. It doesn’t matter if you are sitting in the living room or at the workplace wherein heat is unbearable, you must consider CoolAir. Aside from being very effective, CoolAir is also very cost-efficient.

Why Choose CoolAir Portable AirCooler?

The CoolAir is a highly rated portable air cooler that will meet the needs of most residential owners. The option to manually add ice or connect the system to a water supply makes it more versatile than some models. The low weight and casters make it extremely portable.

Anyone who wants to cool a single room. If a typical box fan doesn’t cool your rooms well enough, but you don’t want the noise of a portable air conditioner, you should consider buying this air cooler. It’s one of the best options for the price.



CoolAir comes with an extremely sleek design. The device is a pleasant beauty addition to any room. Homeowners can use its 7 different built-in LED lights to adjust lighting according to their mood.

In addition to that, the device has an LCD display, which is bright and easy to read. The feature allows users to perform operations on the device with ease.

Powerful and yet Energy Saving

Traditional air conditioning systems consume up to 3500-5000 watts. Naturally, if a device consumes this much energy, it is bound to increase your energy bills. On the other hand, CoolAir only uses 350 watts of energy, which is at least ten times less than traditional air cooling systems!

Multi-Purpose and Versatile

This air cooler is one of a kind because it is versatile and very useful. It can be used as a fan, ionizer, and humidifier, aside from an energy-efficient air cooler. This unit releases cool air through its oscillating louvers. Not only does this unit cool air, but it also acts as an air purifier!

Fast Cooling

Although the device is small and seems to be too simple to work, it is deceptively effective. CoolAir AC starts cooling your home within 60 seconds. The device has three separate fans, which allows it to kick start the cooling process without wasting time. You can utilize these fan settings while you are working, playing sports or sleeping.


We do not need to say enough about this – the Coolair is very cost-effective. Even if you consider the purchasing value, the device is a lot cheaper than traditional cooling units. While many traditional devices cost up to thousands of dollars, CoolAir will cost you dozens of times less.

The company offers special discounts to its users, and users can get their hands on the device at a 50% discount. The total cost of the device ends up being less than $100 after discount. That’s not all; you will also save yourself on high installation costs and heavy repair that often come up with large AC units.

How long can CoolAir last?

Initially, I left it running for the day. I wanted to see how quickly the water tank empties out. After four hours, I came back to the room and immediately notice that my room was actually cold and that the tank was half empty.

So a quick calculation and assumption state that about eight hours will be its full running capacity. I left it running on the lowest level, so it can be assumed that using it on a higher level will empty it faster.

After eight and a half hours, the CoolAir stopped working and I had to put more water in it to continue running.

Coolair Review: Should I buy CoolAir Personal Air Cooler?

Yes, of course. Neat, compact, cheap to run, with simple, easy-to-use controls, the CoolAir Personal Air Cooler is a neat way to keep cool at your desk or while sleeping.

CoolAir portable air cooler is a perfect option for anyone who is looking to cut down their electricity bills and cool their homes at a more affordable cost.

Although it doesn’t carry the same power as a full-blown air conditioning unit, the air cooler is good enough to make significant changes to indoor temperature. But, you have to keep in mind that the device is ideal for places smaller than 45 yards.

Stand Out Features of CoolAir

  • Its Built-In Water Tank Lasts Up To Eight Hours.
  • It refreshes the air around you, making it easier to breathe even on hot days.
  • It Is Extremely User-Friendly And Only Requires A Few Simple Steps To Set-Up And Use.
  • The Best Thing About This Unit Is That It Is Powered By USB And Only Consumes Less Power.
  • It Is A 3-In-1 Gadget. And it cools, Purifies And Humidifies The Air Around You Making Your Personal Space Fresh And Clean.
  • It Has A Three-Speed Controlled Fan. Whether You Are Sitting At Your Computer Or Working Out In Your Living Room, The CoolAir Has The Right Setting For You.
  • It is a one-stop air cooling gadget. aside from cooling the air, It also humidifies and purifies thus assure clean and fresh air in your room.

How Can I Get a CoolAir?

If it’s still in stock, you can get yours directly from the official website.

CoolAir Vs Air Conditioners: What to Choose?

It is wrong to believe that these devices can be used interchangeably. Yes, both are intended to help you to handle the heat but in fact, they solve different tasks. Now, let’s consider these aspects more closely.

Humidity. Air coolers are specially designed to lower down humidity and used in regions with dry climates, such as the Southwestern United States. They do not work well in humid conditions because the water in their tanks do evaporate as easily as it is expected. Air conditioners, on the contrary, are suggested for areas with the humidity level no less than 50%.

Outdoor Use. A cooler is better for outdoor use than a portable air conditioner. The former does not require an exhaust hose and can be easily moved from one place to another. This does not affect the unit’s performance, given that the most powerful ones are those designed for outdoors.

Windows Closed/Opened. Oftentimes, the weather dictates our daily routine. You should remember one simple rule: use air conditioners when you have to keep the windows closed while an air evaporator can be turned on with the windows open.

Eco-Friendliness. Air coolers are more eco-friendly and there are two reasons for that. First, they consume less energy than a typical air conditioner, with some models consuming as little as 32 watts. Secondly, these coolers do not involve using chemicals.

Other Important Considerations to Prolong the Lifespan of the CoolAir

Where to Install: Make sure to put this unit in an area where you can access it easily, preferably on your desk or on the shelves. However, if you want to cool yourself fast, then it is advisable to put it close to you.
Water Reservoir: It is highly recommended to put ice or cold water to see the result fast. Although putting in tap water is also advisable, but in this case, you need to wait longer prior, the machine starts to cool the air.
Moodlight: Thus unit comes with eight different light colors. However, some users found it annoying and disturbing at night, and you don’t have to worry as you can switch off-color.
Best Alternative to HVAC: HVAC is a powerful unit, but it needs lots of power. CoolAir, on the other hand, is able to cool air comfortable enough for you but without spending a lot of money.

Faq( Frequently asked questions)

Is air cooler worth buying?

Because of the way it operates, an air cooler offers a better quality of air for your room. So much so, that the air circulated from an air cooler is preferable for people with asthma or dust allergy. When it comes to value for money, an air cooler definitely scores high over an AC

Does air cooler really work?

An air cooler works by evaporating water to cool the air since as heat energy is absorbed doing so, this lowers the air temperature. As a result, a portable air cooler requires water to operate and some models recommend adding ice for better effectiveness. The catch is that as they add significant humidity to the air.

What Makes CoolAir Special?

What’s special about CoolAir is its combination of functionality and portability – while standard air conditioners are quite expensive, come with installation nightmares, often take a significant amount of space, require constant maintenance and increase energy bills, CoolAir has the size and energy consumption of a small fan, could be taken exactly where you need it the most, and saves a lot of money at the same time!

How Much Does CoolAir Cost?

SPECIAL OFFER: for a limited time, CoolAir is running a promo that allows you to get this amazing cooling device 50% OFF, for only $89 with FREE SHIPPING!”

Are portable evaporative coolers effective?

The higher the outside humidity, the less efficiently the evaporative cooler will work, so they’re mainly suited for hot, dry climates; they’re also relatively cheap to run. They only have a very small share of the market, so CHOICE doesn’t review them at the moment.

Do evaporative coolers cause mold?

Without proper care, portable evaporative coolers, sometimes called swamp coolers, can become breeding grounds for mold and fungus. These infestations thrive in dark, damp areas with stagnant air and can cause a wide range of respiratory problems for people exposed to them.

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