CreaClip Review – Amazing And Cheap DIY Hair System

Creaclip review is finally here. Stop choosing between an embarrassing DIY trim or expensive trips to the Salon.

According to the Professional Beauty Association, people in the USA spend between $25 – $45 BILLION on haircuts every year. With haircut prices for women averaging over $40.

But what if you don’t want to spend around $420 EVERY YEAR on haircuts? You COULD try to cut back and give yourself a trim between haircuts every now and then. But do you trust yourself to freehand cut your own hair?

We’ve tried to do it ourselves a few times but ended up looking like third graders with bowl cuts

What if you could get YEARS of salon-quality haircuts at home for under $30? Creaclip is a DIY home haircut system that makes it easy for you to get a professional-looking trim at home.


What Is CreaClip?

CreaClip is a simple device that is great for cutting children’s hair, trimming bangs, creating layers, or just maintaining a hairstyle between haircuts. It comes with two clips – a large one for long hair and layers, and a smaller one for shorter hair and bangs so you can enjoy balanced cuts & trims every time.

The clip comes with a built-in level so you can trim your own hair at the perfect angle. Just clip in all or some of your hair, then cut along the edge of the clip. According to the video, clipping your hair in the front will give you layers and clipping from the back will give you a blunt, one-length cut.

It’s a hair cutting tool designed by an award-winning, celebrity stylist to help people like us give ourselves professional-looking trims at home.


CreaClip is the ONLY home haircut solution that works for men, women, and children of ALL hair types!

  • The rotating level allows anyone to execute precise, accurate, and balanced hair cuts like one-length, layers, bangs, bob, etc…NOTHING is off limits with CreaClip!
  • The teeth allow the user to evenly comb and distribute hair.
  • The long curved clip allows users to hold the hair in one long section, which is essentially like having very long fingers so the user doesn’t have to section their hair and guess where to cut each time.

How Does It Work?

CreaClip is the easiest way to maintain a professional-looking trim. Just clip -> slide -> cut and VOILA! Your hair continues to look great WEEKS after you’ve left the salon.

creaclip review

What problem does it solve?

CreaClip can save you and your entire family hundreds of dollars and hours per year. When you trim your hair at home with CreaClip – you’re spending pennies per cut, without the hassle of driving and waiting at the salon. It’s also perfect for people who are not physically able to go to a salon, if you have children’s hair to cut, if you need a little trim or maintenance in between cuts, or if you simply want to create your own customized style.

CreaClip Review – Final Verdict

We are going to give the CreaClip a thumbs-up rating. It is reasonably priced. It has the ability to save a lot of money by not having to go to the salon for these types of haircuts. Plus, it seems easy enough to use. An extra bonus is that CreaClip remains sharp so you don’t need to buy replacements for it. The only significant complaint came to thin hair. Some say the thinning hair is too fine for the comb to be able to hold it in place to allow for the CreaClip to do the cut.

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