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Dial Vision Glasses Review – The Innovative Reading Glasses

Today we are going to provide Dial Vision Glasses ReviewThese incredible glasses claim to be the first pair of adjustable glasses. And give you crystal clear vision without the need for a prescription.

We all know that eyeglasses can be very expensive. Whenever your eyeglasses break or your prescription changes, replacing them can be very expensive. What if you don’t need to change your glasses in case of a changed prescription? That will be awesome. Well, Dial Vision Glasses claims to help you in that matter.

What Is Dial Vision?

Dial Vision is the fully adjustable eyeglasses that let you match your prescription. These are an adjustable set of glasses in which each lens can be individually customized. It’s the perfect backup pair of glasses should something happen to your regular pair. You can adjust each lens individually. That allows even complex prescriptions to be duplicated.

The best part is that Dial Vission Glasses are available without a prescription.  These customizable glasses are unisex. Use as women’s eyeglasses or men’s eyeglasses


    • Flexible Frames – These glasses’ frames are flexible enough. If you bend them a bit, intentionally or not, they won’t break apart on you.
    • Scratch And Impact Resistant – Along the same lines, each pair of Dial Vision glasses is impact resistant, so they’re unlikely to break if sat on or dropped on the ground. The high-quality optical lenses are also resistant to scratches, so you’ll be able to see clearly through them for months or even years.
    • Come With Protective Case – Every pair of these glasses comes with a clear, hard protective case, which you’ll be able to use to carry your glasses almost anywhere and further protect them from damage.
    • Professionally Developed – Dial Vision glasses have been designed by leading optical scientists in Oxford, England, which indicates that their design adheres strongly to the most significant principles of optical science.
    • Work As Reading Glasses – You can use these glasses when you need to see far distances, but they’ll also double as reading glasses. Once you’ve mastered the technique of adjusting your lenses, you’ll be able to quickly adjust each one if and when you need help reading something up close.

How Does Dial Vision Work?

Dial Vision eyeglasses work like any other adjustable glasses. The concept is very clear. Each lens is made of two wave-shaped polycarbonate plates. These plates are able to glide across one another, thus change the power of the lens. You can adjust the power of each lens as per your requirement.

dial vision review

How To Use Dial Vision Eyeglasses?

Using Dial Vision eyeglasses is very simple. To use your Dial Vision glasses to see, they instruct you to put them on and look at the included eye chart. Use the included eye chart to see to adjust the left eye by turning the dial until the chart comes into focus. Then adjust the right eye the same way. It’s really that easy.

    1. Adjust Left Eye – To begin using your Dial Vision glasses, first put the glasses on. And be sure the included eye chart is hanging or sitting somewhere where you can see it. Cover your right eye and use the glasses’ left dial to adjust the left lens until you are able to read the entire eye chart clearly.
    2. Adjust Right Eye – After adjusting the left lens of your glasses, repeat the process on the other side by covering your left eye and using the chart to determine the lens strength for your right. Note: In order to adjust the right lens, you’ll need to turn the dial on the right-hand side of your glasses, not the left.

These eyeglasses have a flexible frame to fit all size heads and impact-resistant lenses to help prevent breaking. These customizable glasses are unisex. Use as women’s eyeglasses or men’s eyeglasses. You can adjust the lens from -6D to +3D power.

Price & Return Policy

Dial Vision glasses are available in the commercial and on the website for $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping and handling (each order comes with an eye chart and a hard case) for a total of $27.98 plus any applicable taxes.

However, they claim the most popular option is to order the package that adds a pair of UV protected Dial Vision sunglasses for an extra $9.99 fee.

Also, the company promise 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Or you can return Dial Vision within 30 days for the list price back. But this does not include any of the shipping and handling or added fees.

To avail the refund policy you can call BulbHead customer service at 855-235-2095.

Dial Vision Glasses Review – Final Verdict

Those who are realistic about the function of Dial Vision will find the product useful. Based on customer feedback for nearly identical products, it appears you have s solid chance of experiencing improved eyesight. Plus they are much cheaper than other options.

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