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EcoHeat S Review: The Revolutionary Portable Heater

Are you looking for Ecoheat S review? You must be worried about if this device actually works or not. Well, we have got your back.

Most compact heaters are slow to heat, not powerful enough and expensive to run. Not to mention they don’t have the relevant safety features to make sure your home is protected should the product be knocked over.

Thankfully, a heater is available that actually solves all these problems, and does a lot more. That is EcoHeat S.

The EcoHeat S device is a versatile heater with its stylish round design, It is ideal for a variety of indoor locations.

The adjustable thermostat provides an impressive 600W or 1200W of power, which makes it the perfect heater for a home or office environment. This portable heater includes safety features such as; tip-over protection, overheat protection & a fire-retardant design for the complete peace of mind. You Can Place Your Order Here @50% Discount and Free Shipping

If you are struggling to heat up a room then this really is the product that is going to change your home for the better.

EcoHeat S Review: How Does It Work?

This little device sucks the cold air in from one side, heats it up by running it through the internal heat radiator and spits out the warm and cozy air we are all looking for.

It is USB powered and consumes minimal energy…. meaning this portable heater will save you some precious cash on your electricity bill compared to more traditional heaters.

No special instruction is needed to install this device. It has a cable that needs to be connected with socket and within a few seconds, the radiator heats up and can be used immediately for a warm interior. S

settings can be made on the unit using the display and buttons. Simple and uncomplicated.

EcoHeat S Key Features:

  • Safety Protection
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  •  Low-Heat 600Watt / High-Heat 1220Watt
  • Heats up large areas
  • Power usage is 1.2 KW per hour
  • Operates within a range of 220V to 240V.
  • Rated frequency is 50 Hz.
  • BTU for the heater is 4092 BTU per hour.
  • The Amperage is 5 A – 5.455 A.Auto Oscillation

Forget about the big (and expensive!) heaters you saw before, which are bulky, complicated and difficult to travel with.

What Makes EcoHeat S Device Best Portable Heater?

EcoHeat S Heats Up Fast


A lot of portable heaters are slow to work, meaning they waste a lot of energy before they start to heat a room. EcoHeat S heats up in just 2 seconds thanks to the advanced PTC ceramic heating element. No one wants to wait for a cold room to warm up, the faster the better.

When you come home to a cold house, you don’t want to spend time waiting for your heating to kick in. With EcoHeat S, this is possible.

EcoHeat S Heats Up The Entire Room

Echoheat s

One issue that many people have with portable heaters, is that they do not deliver heat to wide sections of a room.

Thanks to its oscillation feature, EcoHeat S is able to emit heat at a 70-degree angle. Simply press the turn button to move hot air from side to side.

This is how this brilliant product is able to heat up a larger area than you would think when looking at its compact size.

EcoHeat Keep You Safe

ecoheat s reviews

While using any electronic gadget, especially one that produces heat, you always concerned about being safe from any hazard.

EcoHeat S is made from V-0 grade flame-resistant material and is ETL certified.

It has an auto-off safety feature that means it is protected against overheating as well as overcurrent. EcoHeat S also has tip-over protection.

Because there are advanced safety measures in place, you can rest easy whilst it heats your room.

The Temperature Control is in Your Hand

echoheat reviews

Most of the cheap portable heaters don’t have a lot of useful features or settings. With EcoHeat portable heater, you are getting quality that is made with the customer in mind.

The LED digital screen makes amendments simple the + and – buttons allow you to set a target temperature of between 60.8F (16C) and 98.6F (37C).

You have complete control of the temperature with Ecoheat s. The adjustable thermostat means you will always be comfortable.

EcoHeat S is Designed for Your Convenience

Ecoheat S heater Reviews

EcoHeat S is great because it is compact in size. This means you can move it around the home, plug it in and heat only the area you are in.

If you are working from home, then it provides a blast of heat that will make work more comfortable. This will also make you more productive.

The embedded handle on the back makes it easy to carry between spaces.

EcoHeat Perfectly Suits Your Beautiful Room

Ecoheat S device

With its slick black design, it is not intrusive but that isn’t the only reason. EcoHeat S stands at just 8.5’’ meaning it will not stick out in a room and can be stored in virtually any space once it has cooled down after use.

Now Say GoodBye to Noice

best potable heater

EcoHeat S is known for being extremely quiet compared to other products.

Lower than 50db, it is not going to be intrusive. This the last thing you want when you are trying to work or relax is a noisy heater in the background. You shouldn’t have to choose between a quiet room, and warmth.

Forget Those Heavy Electricity Bills

ecoheat s portable heater

There is no flame, making it kinder on the environment, as well as your bills.

EcoHeat S actually has a low energy consumption thanks to the ceramic heating plate. It has been proven to be energy-saving and is even more durable.

What People Are Saying About EcoHeat S Heater?

“I was so impressed by the construction of this heater, which uses ABS fire-retardant plastic materials. I was given complete peace of mind, as I knew there was an excellent resistance to fire. In addition, should the heater ever tip over the auto-shutoff function means that the device automatically turns off? I would highly recommend this heater to anyone who is looking for a safety device.”

Editor of GearHungry

“I use the EcoHeat S throughout the year, whether it is used as a heater in the colder months or a fan when the temperature increases, it is always efficient. The LED thermostat functions work extremely well, helping me to always achieve the exact desired temperature.”

Popular Science

“I needed a portable heater, which I could place in different areas of my home to achieve great coverage. I choose the EcoHeat S because of the wide-angle covered by the rotating heater, which provides 70-degree coverage. I can easily place the heater under a table, on a desk or in the corner of a room, and the oscillating design will either warm or cool the large area.”


Why Should I Buy EcoHeat S Portable Heater?

Buy best Portable heater

EcoHeat S is among the highly recommended product by the market experts and it meets all the promises that I makes.

Hands down the features that come packed with the device, from the safety features to the oscillator function, they make the device more efficient and valuable.

The multiple heating modes the device can toggle between is a big bonus because during the winter I can set it to the highest heating power and cool my room at no additional cost, during the warm periods I can switch to fan mode and enjoy the cool relaxing breeze.

So, What are You waiting for? Just pick your card and order your heating partner now at your doorstep.

Where You Can Buy EcoHeat S Portable Heater?

You can order You EcoHeat S Portable Heater Directly From The Official Website.

FAQ(Frequently asked question)for EcoHeat S

Q1) What Are the Special Feature of Ecoheat S

  • Ceramic heating elements – heat is maintained and self-regulated.
  • Has 3 adjustable heating levels (fan/medium heating/strong heating).
  • Safe device. It Controls heat – if you forget it open.
  • It Provides wide angle heating.
  • No need to be a device expert. Just a few buttons.
  • Has a user manual and an explanatory video on the official website.
  • Small dimensions – fan heater measures 21cm x 14cm.
  • Portable and wireless device.
  • Varying from other heating devices, EcoHeat S does not cause condensation of the walls.
  • drying or humidifying of the air from the room.

Q2) How to Install EcoHeat S Portable Device?

No special instruction is needed to install the Ecoheat S device. It has a cable that needs to be connected with socket and within a few seconds, the radiator heats up and can be used immediately for a warm interior. Settings can be made on the unit using the display and buttons. Simple and uncomplicated.

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