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FIXD Review – The Best Car Health Monitor

FIXD Review – The FIXD Car health monitor can transform any vehicle into a smart vehicle. FIXD is a combination of an automotive sensor and a smartphone app.

The device plugs into the car’s OBD-II port and connects with your phone’s FIXD app and tells you about your car health within 60 sec.

So how does FIXD work and what exactly can you use FIXD to find out? In this article, we will provide an in-depth review of FIXD.

What Is FIXD?

FIXD is an OBD 2nd-generation scanner that’s a combination of an app and a car sensor gadget that can diagnose the problems with your vehicle.

Some car enthusiasts say refer to it as a hardware-software combo. The founders of FIXD are three Georgia Tech students, Rachel Ford, and John Gattuso.

FIXD is a car monitoring system that is developed and sold by FIXD automotive. It is essentially a combination of both hardware and software technology whereby you have a sensor that is connected to the vehicle and the FIXD application that you install on your smartphone to go with it.


It is a system that seeks to provide simple but precise information about a car’s health to its owner giving him/her an easy way of determining the car’s specific needs.

This device can detect 6,800 possible check engine light reasons, translate them into easy terms, and hence provide you with a summary, also indicates their severity and then gives you instructions about what to do next.

How Does It Work?

Fixd Car Health Monitor consists of a sensor that you can directly plug into your car OBD-II port. Once you plug in the sensor, you have to do nothing but just leaving it there.

All you have to do is just to download the FIXD app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and install the app, create your account and then let the FIXD sensor connect to the app via Bluetooth.

Once they started to communicate with each other, you’ll be able to get information about your vehicle.

The sensor zeros in on the problem display the information on your smartphone and you can then give the data to your mechanic to fix the problem.

To make the device more alluring, the sensor gets its power by your car, so you don’t have to recharge the sensor.

The FIXD OBD-II, second-generation scan tool, is made by ASE Certified Mechanics and professional engineers in the United States. It consists of 2 components, which are the app and the scanner.

To start the device, plug in the scanner to the OBD port and fire up the application on your phone.

The phone’s display is directly proportional to the display of the scanner. Having a larger screen means that you will display a wider area. The sensor only works as long as the engine is running.

Which cars work with Fixd?

Fixd can work with any car with an OBD-II port. If you have a car that was built-in 1996 or later, your car will work with Fixd, since any vehicle built in or after 1995 that time has an OBD-II port. You’ll usually find the OBD-II port under your glove box.

But if you have a car that was manufactured before the year 1996, you’re out of luck.

Fixd will also work with hybrids, and the company is currently beta testing diesel-based vehicles, and says that it’s “had success with models made after 2008.”


  1. Maintenance Reminders — Get notifications of scheduled maintenance reminders
  2. Check Engine Light Diagnosis — Shows why it’s on in plain English
  3. Turn-Off Check Engine Light — With just a click of a button on your phone
  4. Maintenance Price Estimator — See how much maintenance should cost before going to the mechanic
  5. Continuous Monitoring — Alerts if a problem is detected with your vehicle
  6. Connect Multiple Devices — Keep track of multiple vehicles in one place
  7. Ease of Use — No tools or professionals needed — Just plug it in and see results
  • Small, hands-free and easy to use Help get rid of the engine warning light Video tutorials Simple terminology Gives notification of the problem every time the check engine light comes on Promotes safety by giving you the consequences of driving when the light is on You can link multiple sensors to one account and monitor multiple vehicles at a go Helps the user to keep a regular oil change and maintenance schedule Helps save time and money on unexpected repairs The scanner is compatible with Android and iOS apps Very economical device
  • Has limited functionality since it can’t detect SRS or ABS systems FIXD has poor customer support There could be more buttons on the application

FIXD Review – Final Verdict

The FIXD Car Health Monitor seems like it would be a cool car gadget. The device comes in handy for someone that wants to redeem themselves from exploitation by mechanics.

This OBD-II scanner makes it possible for you to learn of the potential issue within your car. And it works when the lights of the engine turn on.

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