How to Store and Manage Your Passwords In The Best Way Possible

Most of the People fall into that murky category of nagging things we know we should do but that seems too overwhelming to conquer and managing the passwords is one of those activities.

Everything is there on an online platform these days, so staying organized with your credentials is very important. All of us have tons of usernames and passwords, and keeping them in order and being able to retrieve them has become a challenging part of our day to day life.

Having strong login credentials is essential for saving your identity and ensuring your data stays out of the hands of the bad guys. However, It becomes extremely difficult to mentally keep track of all the passwords used at different websites and platforms (particularly if you’re being a good digital citizen and using unique alphanumeric combinations for every single password).

So, how we can get rid of keep passwords in memory.

In this article, we’ve put together everything you need to be aware about as a user to store and manage your passwords safely, securely and in well organized manner.

Generate Strong Password To Keep UnPredicted

Before You find out the best way to keep passwords stored in an organized manner, All you need to know about the rules of a strong password. First of all, you need to generate unique that can be hard to guess by any of your known people – But you do not need to worry, We’ll tell you how to remember passwords later.

We have created guidelines to create secure passwords to prevent people from frauds. We are quite sure you’ve never heard of Bill Blurr, you might have noticed his set of rules when filling in a password online. And We are almost also pretty sure you’ve hated the man. Because it was so hard to create a password the system would accept. You would have to fulfill all the conditions:

Have over X number of characters
Lowercase letters
Uppercase letters
Special characters

Finally, when you get done with setting up password with those requirements, the system would tell you’d have to change it after a certain amount of time or connections… Oh man!

Thankfully, this vision of password generation is gradually coming to an end. And the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), where Mr. Blurr was working, revised the guidelines.

Their latest findings are that you need a long password, but that can be easy to remember. And they recommend using four random common words, like vpnsecurityprivacyprotection. It’s easier to remember for humans. And the longer it is, the harder it is to guess for computers.

Organize Your Passwords With a Password Manager.

Password managers are the best way to create, store, and manage passwords safely for the multiple sites that we sign in to on a regular basis. A password manager can generate, “remember,” and fill in your passwords for you. You just need to log in to your password manager with a master password.

Password managers are available for free by the biggest search engine on chrome browser, but paid versions offer additional benefits, such as use across multiple devices and auto fill-in for credit card information. PC Mag and Kiplinger each have great reviews and comparisons of password managers.

But if you are a google chrome user, then We will suggest you use a google password manager as it is free and it has all the safety features required. It will make your work so easy and that too at no extra cost.

So this weekend’s project is simple: simply use a Chrome browser that has password manager inbuild. you may also choose another password manager and depending on the password manager you use, you can import a set of logins and passwords already saved to your chrome browser.

Alternately, you can store your passwords one by one in your password manager as you log in to different sites throughout the course of your week. Advanced password managers will help flag weak passwords and help you update them to more secure ones.

Once you get started with a password management system, if you haven’t already, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to do it.

Use A Paper Password Storage Solution.

You can also use a blank notebook or a specially dedicated password book to store and manage all your passwords at one place offline password book to organize passwords and usernames. Keep it handy near your computer, so that you can write down all log in credentials as they are created or changed.
You need to make sure that you consider the one location of this password book. Never leave it out in plain view when not in use to avoid theft and any unauthorized eyes. Also, you might want to think about storing it in something fire-resistant.

Tips on Paper-Based Systems:

  • Don’t label your card file box or password keeper book with the word “PASSWORDS!” Keep it on the down-low.
  • Use a pencil to write down your entries as they may change.
  • You may want to write down the passwords as “hints” instead of the actual passwords, in case your password keeper is lost or compromised. For a password like “fido1995,” you might write a hint like “dog+year” that you’ll definitely remember.
  • Do NOT write password hints that are relative to other accounts, like “same as Amazon,” because that can become a big cross-referencing mess quickly when you change the referred-to accounts.
  • If you use index cards, they have more room to write other details about the account, such as logs of customer service notes or order dates.

Final Tips to Store and Manange Your Password in the Best Organized Way Possible

Keeping your passwords safe has become a very important and crucial part of life in today’s Era of Internet communication. We spent a lot of time on the internet and register to new websites on a daily basis which eventually leads to the higher risk of your password getting leaked to some strange person.

And if you only use only one password at all of your places on the internet like Banking, Telephone, taxation then the hacker could access all your accounts if get the idea of just one password you use. We hope you would not like to even think about how difficult your life could become in that situation!

As a result, you come to a situation where you have to find the best way possible to keep your passwords safe in a well-organized manner. And to make sure your passwords are protected and easy to access. While several solutions are available, like the easiest Password Boss, they aren’t all secure and convenient on a daily basis.

Sure you could keep them all on a piece of paper. But how easy is it to type in the password from a paper sheet? Therefore you need to use the technologies available on the market today. That’s the best way to keep track of passwords and to be able to use them when necessary.

Do you need a password saver software, you can get many free or paid solutions online. We would suggest you take a look at the latest wireless security devices, which prove as secure and much more convenient. And it’s, without doubt, the best way to save passwords and to recall them at will.

Finally, now you know how to keep track of passwords. And you have no more excuse to keep your eyes closed to what’s best for you. So do yourself a favor and use a secure password manager from now on!

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