How To Use And Enable Instant Apps On Android Devices?

At last, the news has come that Google is finally rolling out its Instant Apps feature, but there is a catch. During the initial phase only selected devices will be able to access these apps. Now you must be wondering What is Instant Apps. Well, it is a technology by Google that provides a nice feature. It will let you access apps that are basically cloud-based on your Android device without any requirement from the user to install the app from the Play Store by Google. Instant Apps will help in saving user’s time and efforts. And it will also permits other companies to allow people to sample there apps and know what’s basically their app is about.

Any app that is being supported by Instant Apps technology can be downloaded without the use of the Play Store. What you have to do is to visit any website you want and the app will be downloaded automatically.

The instant app feature is accessible to all the Android phones that are running on Android 6.0 i.e, Marshmallow or a higher version. The important thing is that the user must be having the latest version of the Google Play Store. As per the current users of Android, around millions of users can access the Instant App feature.

To check if your Android device has an access to Instant Apps, you will need to follow the guidelines listed below. But first you must enable the Instant Apps features on your device. This can be done easily.


  1. Open your device “Setting” menu
  2. Under “Personal’ Category tap “Google”
  3. Choose “Instant Apps” under “Services” Category

Note: If you can not search for “Instant Apps”, that means your Android device does not support Instant Apps.

  1. Set the toggle at “on mode” located at the right side of the screen. Your Google account will appear at the upper side of the screen. However, if you have multiple Google accounts then you have to choose one of them, this account will be used for downloading Instant Apps.
  2. Read instructions and agree all the terms and conditions if you want to have Instant Apps.

Once you have completed all the guidelines listed above, you will be able to use Instant Apps. Now you can look for different websites that supports Instant App. You can easily identify all the website that supports Instant Apps, and you can by checking the term “Instant” beside the search result.

By now Instant Apps are only supported by few apps like Periscope, WIsh, Viki and BuzzFeed. However, in the upcoming years Instant Apps will have more applications.

Below are the listed guidelines on how to use and find Instant Apps.


  1. Search supported app mentioned above (example Wish) in Google using your Android phone.
  2. Once you see the result, look for an app that contains “Instant” word.
  3. Click to open the app.  

If the Instant App was successfully loaded in your device, the app can be used like any other applications that you can downloaded via Play Store. The given Instant App example, allows the user to browse and order different products and manage your account without requiring you to install the app in your Android device.

However, if you want you can still install the app on your Android device. you just have to pull down the notification shade and choose the option  “App Info”. Once you tap the button you can now install the Wish app. It also allows you to clear the application’s data.

Once you enabled Instant Apps on your device, the overall process seems very smooth.  However, if your device does not support Instant Apps you have to wait more time since the app is gently rolling out.

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