Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress Review – COULD IDLE BE A PERFECT CHOICE ?

Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress offers a model that has one Medium side and one Luxury Firm.

The people at Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress have 20 years of experience in the mattress industry.

They’re doing this by offering a double-sided mattress that can overthrow, turned and help to reduce drooping and maximize long-term durability.

In our in-depth review of the Idle Sleep Mattress, we will take you through all the foams and springs to see that if this bed has the pressure relief and support you while sleeping for years to come.

IDLE Sleep offers a model that has one Medium side and one Luxury Firm, giving sleepers two firmnesses in one mattress!

LET’S READ MORE ABOUT Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress

About Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress  Idle Sleep Mattress is an online “bed-in-a-box” mattress brand that has been in business since Mattress, we will take you through all the foams and springs to see that if this bed has the pressure relief.

It will support you while sleeping for years to come.

IDLE Sleep offers a model that has one Medium side and one Luxury Firm, giving sleepers two firmnesses in one mattress!

Let’s know more about IDLE SLEEP HYBRID MATTRESS.

About Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress

 Idle Sleep Mattress is an online “bed-in-a-box” mattress brand that has been in business since 2017.  We’ll take an in-depth look at the Idle Sleep mattress, the Idle Sleep (previously known as the Idle Double-Sided Hybrid).

 Idle Sleep is a Colorado-based sleep company with a range of mattresses and sleep accessories that can purchase through its online store.

 Both surfaces are constructed with their own comfort and transitional polyfoam layers, and the shared support core features 6-inch pocketed coils.

The Idle Sleep  Mattress is of high quality and durable bed that’s comfortable for a wide range of sleepers.

The company also offers three other mattress models:

  • The Idle Sleep is the company’s leader sleeping mattress and top-rated bed. Constructed with foam and pocketed coils, this mattress comes in two comfort levels, medium-firm (6) and firm (7-8).
  • The Idle Sleep is the company’s all-foam sleeping mattress. It is the company’s most affordable model.

The Idle Gel Plush is a premium all-foam mattress that features cooling, gel-infused

  • foam and, a medium (5) firmness.
  • the exception of the Idle Gel Plush, all of Idle’s mattresses are double-sided and flippable.

Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress


1.Anyone who tends to sleep hot.

2.Those who are looking for a highly durable mattress.

3.Side, back, or stomach sleepers of any weight.

4.Couples looking for a balance between bounce and motion isolation.


1.The price is above average but includes exceptional sleep trial and warranty policies.

2.Be aware that the firm option is particularly firm and not very comfortable for side sleepers under 230 pounds.3. The latex hybrid construction of this bed doesn’t isolate motion as well as many all-foam and foam hybrid mattresses.

Sleeping Position Overview

The Idle Sleep mattress is a medium-soft mattress which would be considered comfortable by most people. However, if you sleep on your stomach continuously.

Back Sleepers: If you sleep on your back, you’re most likely to like a  medium-firm mattress . It was great at keeping your entire body fully supported without any disturbance.

 The Idle Sleep mattress is considered a medium mattress when it comes to firmness and should be comfortable for most back sleepers.

Stomach Sleepers: If you sleep on your stomach, the Idle Sleep mattress may be too soft. It doesn’t sink when you lie on it, which may burden on your back and neck if you sleep on your stomach. The Idle Sleep would better suited for this sleep style.

Side Sleepers: If you sleep on your side, you’ll love this mattress. It is soft yet supportive, which is traditionally what side sleepers find to be the most comfortable.

However, if a mattress is too firm, it can lead to pressure buildup and discomfort in the shoulders and hips for side sleepers.


1.Widely Available and have a good variety foam.

2.It has Coils in the center give it a good feel and helps improve durability.

3.Two sided with variable firmness options

4.Firm support that’s great for back and stomach sleepers.

5.Lifetime warranty. 6. It gives 18 month trial period (industry-leading).


1. The “medium” for the  model is  firmer than the “medium” of the all-foam bed.

2. Larger investment.

3. Durability / lifespan questionable.

Prices and Sizing Of Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress

The Idle Sleep Hybrid mattress is flippable. That means you can flip your mattress to limit wear and extend its lifespan. Second, Idle offers some of the most extensive customer service policies in the mattress industry, including an 18-month sleep trial and lifetime warranty.

In addition to the standard twin through California king sizes, the Idle Sleep Hybrid mattress is available in a split king. The Split king comes as two twin XLs. This choice provides a sleep surface area similar to a regular king but works well for couples who have different comfort preferences. The Split king is slightly more expensive than the standard king or California king options.


Ice Fabric” Cover: This spread is really amazing. It’s noticeably cooler than a traditional mattress cover, and the cooling effect lasts throughout the night. The second layer is also 1 inch and uses Air Flow Response Foam.

1″ Cooling Buoyancy Foam: Another cooling layer, this buoyancy foam is designed to feel like traditional foam, but without that “stuck” sensation.

Fire Resistant Barrier: This layer is a 100% natural cotton barrier than screen the bed from potential fire damage in the worst-case scenario.

3″ Gel Infused Buoyancy Foam: This support layer is what provides the quick reaction time and support of this mattress.

3″ Idle Memory Foam: The next foam layer of this mattress provides additional support and thermal neutrality which means it’s more responsive and retains less heat than traditional foam. 8″ High-Density Foam Base: This super-thick base provides extra stability and is one of the main reasons.

why the Idle foam mattresses are thicker than the industry standard. It’s also around 30% more durable than other types of foam due to its super high density.

Fireproof Cloth: This layer is another heatproof one that helps in case of emergencies. It has no petroleum-based synthetic.

Washable Base Cover: The final layer of this mattress is a washable cover that unfasten so you can easily clean it.

Overall Comfort & Pressure Relief

Comfort is the 1 thing you should consider when looking for a mattress.

After all, if a mattress isn’t comfortable, it doesn’t make a difference in the number of layers or cool highlights it has, you won’t care for it. We’re glad to tell you that the overall comfort level of The Idle Sleep Mattress was great.

 It provided good pressure relief for the hips and shoulders when lying on my side, yet it was still firm enough not to cause a wrinkle in my neck while sleeping on my stomach.

It has a lightweight combination of the sleeper, and help us to get comfortable in multiple positions. This mattress had enough support for my spine and neck while lying on my back Overall, the comfort and pressure relief level was great. The only area that Idle Sleep could improve on would be edge support.

Edge support with all-foam mattresses is always difficult to get right, but it was the only real comfort this bed.


This Idle Sleep mattress’ Medium option falls on our firmness scale at a 5.5 out of 10, when 10 is the firmest. This makes it a true medium, but for heavier sleepers, it may feel softer.

 If you are better served by a firmer feel, their Luxury Firm option scores at about an 8.5 out of 10.

Combination sleepers should enjoy the adaptability of the Medium as they explore between lying on their back, stomach, and side. The front of this half is highly responsive foams that hold your body in deeper support without making you feel like you can not move around.

 Hence, without extra support coils like you’ll find in their hybrid, if you’re heavier, it will definitely feel softer.

Motion Isolation & Motion Transfer

All-foam mattresses known for having great motion isolation, with a normal amount of motion transfer and this mattress was the same. Motion transfer is normal, especially compared to other hybrids in the bed-in-a-box category. If you sleep with another person and worried about disturbing their rest with movement, this Ideal Sleep mattress may be a good choice for you.

The Trial , Warranty, and Shipping Policies


Idle Sleep Mattress only ships to customers living in the U.S. Mattresses ship from one of the company’s two partnering factories in Illinois and South Carolina. After production, Idle Sleep mattresses are compressed , rolled, and packed in a box for easy shipping.

Idle Sleep uses UPS for its shipping method. Shipping is free for customers in the contiguous U.S. However, customers outside the contiguous 48 states will be charged an additional shipping fee.

Production commonly takes 1-4 business days and shipping usually takes between 3-6 business days. Depending on your location, you should receive your mattress in 4-10 business days.


Every Idle Sleep Mattress protects the company’s “Lifetime Warranty Without End.” The warranty covers fix and replacement for defective mattress materials as long as you own the mattress.Idle’s warranty is non- adaptable and only applies to the original mattress owner

Your warranty begins on the day when you purchase your Idle Sleep mattress. You must take proper care of your mattress for the warranty to apply, including proper cleaning and giving a reasonable fundamental base to support your mattress.


At 18 months, Idle Sleep Mattress offers one of the longest sleep trials in the mattress business. For 540 nights, you can test out an Idle Sleep mattress at home.

If you’re not happy with your new mattress, you can return it for a full refund. Refunds are free for customers in the contiguous U.S. with no return.

Customers must hold fast to a compulsory 30-night break-in period before they can start a return during their sleep trial . If you decide to return your mattress, Idle Sleep will help to coordinate donation for the used mattress.

Buying Experience

Purchasing an Idle Sleep Mattress online can be alarming. It doesn’t make a difference how many reviews you read; you never realize until you sleep on it.

The business standard for an in-home trial is around for 3 months, with certain companies offering free returns, and others requiring a restocking charge. The business standard for a sleeping mattress guarantee is around ten years.

They offer an 18-month time span and a lifetime guarantee with free returns. One thing to note – you also get free shipping and returns if you end up not liking the bed.


Q1. Is the Idle Sleep Mattress useful for back pain?

The individual who struggles with back pain should be looking for a mattress that is medium-firm.

The IDLE Sleep is right in that firmness range and will offer the help and durability that people with back pain needed.

Q2.How long is the IDLE Sleep Mattress going to last?

The life span of the IDLE Sleep Mattress really does depend on the weight of the owners and how much they use the mattress. However, given that it contains some durable materials and features a flippable design, it should last for up to 10 years.

Q3.Is the Idle Sleep good for side sleepers?

The Idle Sleep  is a firmer-than-average mattress and, because of this, it might not be the best match for side sleepers.

 Side sleepers usually want a softer mattress that will give pressure on the shoulders and hips, and the IDLE Sleep  might just be too firm.


The Idle Sleep is a supportive mattress that should be a fantastic long-term investment and is a good value as well. However, those who want something softer or sleep on their side might want to keep looking. Idle Sleep takes on life span with their dual-sided mattress with advanced comfort foams and high-end coils to make you sleep good for years to come.

Idle’s trial period, return policy, and warranties are unmatched, making them a great option when it comes to buying a bed online. Look at our Idle Sleep coupons to save money on purchase.

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