iHeadphones Review: Best Wireless Earbuds on the Internet

iHeadphones wireless bluetooth earbuds comes with all the latest features that you expect from a high-quality pair of wireless earphones. You can connect iHeadphones to any device very easily. They are built with the latest Bluetooth technology for audio and a microphone. Now you can make hands-free phone calls without cord movement affecting the sound quality of the call.

The move towards wireless earbuds has seen the market boom in recent years and you’ve no shortage of models to choose from. One big appeal is the freedom. With no wires running between headphones and phone, wireless earbuds won’t restrict your movement one bit. That’s handy for commuting and general day-to-day life and great if you’re the sporty type.

Say hello to the new king of wireless earbuds. iHeadphones have a long-lasting battery and quick recharge time. Use them all day to listen to your favorite music and podcasts, and make phone calls anytime you need to without worrying about the battery dying. The iHeadphones also comes with the fun feature of 5 different color options. Pick the ones that match your personality and style best.

iheadphones wireless earbuds

Special Benefits and Key Feature of iHeadphones 

  • Stereo Sound and HD Quality: This Bluetooth earphones feature a high-sensitivity built-in audible unit for clear bass. The high-pitched sound is clearer, the medium is softer and the bass is thicker.
  • Designed for High-Quality Calls: Built-in high-quality microphone for hands-free calls and voice assistants, you can receive calls through the two earbuds or the individual, which is convenient for you to get rid of cables.
  • 20H Play Time With a 500mAh charge case thus can recharge the earbuds for 4 to 6 times. This means that you can use the earphones for more than 20 hours in full power, an excellent choice for travel, hiking, and camping.
  • Comfortable Ergonomic Design: Iheadphones Wireless Bluetooth earbuds specially designed for Sport. We offer silicone tips of three different sizes, suitable for all active lifestyles, such as running, jogging, cycling, driving, exercise.
  • Easy to Use and Carry: iheadphones Bluetooth Sport earphones can control play/pause, change songs, answer/hang up a call and other actions with one button. The Bluetooth wireless earphones are equipped with a smart charging box that is easy to carry.

Are These iHeadphones Perfect For You?

iHeadphones review

iheadphones Wireless earbuds are for people who want to listen wirelessly and who want their money to go toward convenience, sound, comfort, and call quality rather than other features such as heavy sweat resistance or the best noise cancellation.

On- or over-ear Bluetooth headphones are also capable of hitting these points, but they can get in the way of glasses and are quite bulky compared with earbuds.

Whether you’re sitting at your desk, in a plane or train, or in the back of an automobile, any of these wireless earbud picks should offer a reliable way to transmit great-sounding music to your ears and a clear-sounding voice to your phone-call recipients.

Why iHeadphones Are So Revolutionary?

iheadphones improve iconic wireless buds with a water-resistant design, a wide range of handy touch controls, and, at long last, active noise canceling. iheadphones has a sealed, noise-isolating design that helps to block out distractions around you. The earbuds do a great job blocking out everyday noise with ANC on and feature a handy Transparency Mode for when you want to be able to hear your surroundings.

Great Sound Quality and a Secure, Comfortable Fit

wireless earbuds

Unlike many true wireless earbuds we tested, these earpieces felt snug and secure, even when we jogged, jumped around, or shook our heads. They’re small and lightweight, and they won’t dangle, stick out, or fall out every time you move too quickly. even the folks with the largest and the smallest ears, who regularly struggle to find earbuds that stay in place.

These earbuds are far less conspicuous than the majority of competing true wireless designs, which may be appealing for people who don’t want to draw attention to their earbuds.

Travel Worry-Free With Long Battery Life 

The wireless headphones are very good indeed, especially if you want a bass-heavy sound for the gym without resorting to cans. The 10-hour battery (or 30 with the case) will outlast a seriously long run and the fit is impressively snug too.

Excellent Voice Call Quality

iHeadphones uses Bluetooth 5.0, so you shouldn’t encounter the frequent dropped calls or stuttering music issues that have plagued many older true wireless earbuds. We were very happy with the stability of the connection inside, outside, and even in interference-prone areas like the gym and subway.

They successfully combine great audio quality with impressive noise cancellation. Deep, rich bass and tonal balance give the buds an edge over the competition. Better yet, listeners have the option to play with the built-in EQ and create their own sound profile or choose from nine different presets as well as adjust the ambient sound levels.

iHeadphones Review: Does It Worth Buying These Wireless Headphones

airphone bluetooth headphone

We love the iheadphones wireless earbuds because they deliver the best combination of performance and features for the money—and they’re delightful to use. Their diminutive size makes them both comfortable and discreet, the controls are painless (literally and figuratively), they offer approximately a full workday of battery life per charge, and they sound great with music and phone calls.

Why Do We recommend iHeadphones Wireless Earbuds?

If you have your heart set on truly wireless earbuds and don’t want to pay a higher amount of price, we recommend the iheadphoones pair.

These earbuds have a fun, bass-forward sound, a comfortable fit, water resistance, and easy-to-use controls—all.

We also love that the pair comes with a two-year warranty, which means if you lose or break one earbud, you pay to replace only that part, and the company will ship you a completely new pair. The three-hour battery life per charge isn’t amazing, but you can get three more full charges from the included case, which is small enough to fit in a pocket.

Stand Out Features of iHeadphones 

Compatibility: they can be used with both Android and IOS devices.

Different colors: you can choose whichever one goes best with your style.

Long battery life: more than 8 hours of your favorite music and podcasts thanks to its powerful battery.

Better price: iHeadphones cost less than half of what you’d pay for AirPods, with characteristics that are similar, or even superior, to the competition.
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How Can I Buy iHeadphones Wireless Earbuds?

You can place your order online through the official website.

Only during the launch period, the company is offering an exclusive promotion for this product through this link. And if that were not enough, they also offer a discount for bulk purchases.

How do you connect wireless headphones

Simultaneously press the button on both earbuds for about 3 seconds until the indicator alternately flashes red and blue. This is a pairing process of the left earpiece and the right earpiece.

Turn on Bluetooth on your device, search for “V5” to connect.

How do you use wireless earphones?

Turn on wireless headphones. Make sure they have batteries and that they’re powered on.
Open. . …
Tap Connections. It’s the first option in the settings menu.
Tap Bluetooth. It’s the second option in the connection settings menu.
Put wireless headphones in pairing mode. …
Tap Scan. …
Tap the name of the wireless headphones.

How do I put my wireless headphones in pairing mode?

Put your headset in “pairing mode.” First, a light will blink showing you that the unit is on (keep holding the button) and a few seconds later, the LED on the headset will blink in alternating colors (often red-blue, but this can be anything). The blinking lights indicate that the headset is in pairing mode.

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