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Infinitikloud Review: One-Click Backup Flash Drive


In today’s technological world, the majority of the population has access to PC, laptop, or a MacBook and everything is ready on just one click. But sometimes this “just one click” seems cumbersome to us and we forget to back up our data. This has large disastrous consequences related to it.

Everyone today wants to capture memories and store them. We have huge work files that we need to access later for the work purpose. So we store all of our data on our hard disk and sometimes don’t ponder to do that as well.

What if your hard drive crashes? All the data that you have collected so far will get away from you and you will end up losing all your important stuff be it pictures of your loved ones or your major official documents.

Wait. We know this thought must have scared you very much. This happened to me as well. All personal data vanished in seconds. But here we are presenting to you the solution to your all backup problems: Infinitikloud. Lets read the in-depth Infinitikloud review.

What is Infinitikloud?

InfinitiKloud is a well-designed and user-friendly plug and plays a USB backup stick which allows you to store all your personal and important files. You can also store photos on this device to make sure they never get lost and you can cherish your memories forever. According to the manufacturer, they are 100 percent secure on the stick. It makes sure that you do not end up losing your vital data accidentally.

If you love your data, this is the best option you have to store your data and keep it safe. Infinitikloud not only stores photos but videos, documents as well.

This allows you to back up your data with just a simple mouse click. You do not need to have any technical knowledge to use it. It is very easy to use even for a beginner.

Why Do You Need Infinitikloud?

This product is a must-have for every computer user. Since data crash is a bit common thing these days. The need for securing important data arises. This device allows users to separately store data for use so that they can keep their data safe and secure. This device is compatible with all generations and an ideal product for those who do not want to spend most of their pennies on data backup.

How Infinitikloud works

How does Infinitikloud work?

The working of Infinitikloud is very simple. You don’t need any exceptional skills to use it. This very easy to use backup stick is simply inserted into a USB slot of the computer. It instantly gets connected to your system. The software gets launched and starts working to select your data (the photos, videos, and other files) to upload to the Private Cloud. After selecting the data, the stick automatically saves the data on it and all of your essential data thus gets secured. There’s simply nothing more to it.

If there is a data crash in your system, it works the same way: you can simply insert the stick into the USB slot of your system and this time you can download all the data from the stick back to the computer. In the same way, the data can also remain on the stick and are thus permanently backed up for any future use. This Infinitikloud stick not only keep your data safe but also ready to use at any time without requiring you to gain any special abilities. It simplifies the very tiring backup process.

Why Infinitikloud is better than any other USB device?

The normal USB devices while copying the data from your system sometimes copies the system viruses as well which makes your data vulnerable to getting lost. Infinitikloud manufacturers guarantee that your data is 100 percent safe.

The users also can easily manage their data as well anytime. If you think we are joking, you can check their website to get assured by having a look at the product and Infinitikloud reviews.

Features of Infinitikloud

Very simple to handle and effortless to use.
Gets easily detected by your system on its own.
Stores all the important files so that you can use your data at any time.
Works at a very high speed of transmission reaching up a rate of 100MB/s.
It comes with a large storage capacity of up to 128GB.
Compatible with all computers, laptops, and androids.
It only saves the data that you want to save.
It comes with a slider where we can keep it back after use to protect it.


It can store up to 90000 photos.
It can automatically scan your hard disk and saves all the data on its own.
You can easily delete the data that you do not want.
It is very easy to use even for a naïve.
Supports many languages: English, Portuguese, German, French, etc.
Eliminates duplicate files.
Gives a detailed description of every file.
It is infinitely faster than any other backup device.
Compatible design.

Infinitikloud Technical Facts

It is compatible with: Windows, Android, and iOS
Compatible with any USB device
Fast backups
USB 3.0 Speed
Does not require access to the Internet
One-click backup possible
Light and compact dimensions
Individual memory size

Disadvantages of Infinitikloud

The product offers a wide range of benefits to its user. There are no known disadvantages of the product till now.

Storage options available in Infinitikloud

The device is very user friendly and comes according to the needs of the user in 3 major variants. One can easily buy the model depending on the features of it.

32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. The manufacturers have considered all the demands of the users very well and made this product in a very compact style. The 32 GB model can store 2500+ photos, 64 GB model can store about 45000+ photos while the 128 GB model can store about 900000+ photos.

The amount of storage you get depends on the size of the files you store. Though most models can store at least 2500 photos, they will store fewer videos depending on the size of your video files. It offers a good feature of compressing the files so they take up less space on the stick.


Where you can buy it?

The product is best purchased directly from the manufacturer. They sell it on their website, where they also provide all the information you need. The process to order it is very easy and done in a few steps. The payment is done via a secure system using PayPal or credit card.

As the shipping facility is also very fast just like the transmission speed of stick, so the customer can assume that the package will arrive in a few days after the order. You can also buy the product from several other sources like Amazon. But it is always recommended to buy the product directly from the manufacturer to avoid any problems or inconvenience.

Customer’s Reviews:

Reviews are split into two- some buyers are in favor of InfinitiKloud, while others are disappointed with the product. It has got four as well five stars, while some people stopped after giving one star only.

Those who are in favor of the product are in love with the fact that it is straightforward, fast, and convenient to carry and use InfinitiKloud. They are impressed with the storage capabilities and transmission speed of the product. While some people do not agree to this, feel that the drive did not work correctly for them, it crashed their computer or that the backup software was clumsy despite many attempts…

But the number of happy customers won over the unsatisfied ones. A profoundly relieved user says that because of InfinitiKloud, his valuable family photographs and videos are safe after his computer crashed due to some lightning issues at his house. He backed up his data with the InfinitiKloud USB stick, and hence, even after the crash in his PC, all his data and files remained intact.

Another satisfied user says that earlier, he never used to back up his data as he thought it to be a too cumbersome process. But due to the three easy steps of backup in InfinitiKloud, he started using it.
One very happy client said that he generally doesn’t bother about writing a review of any product. But the amazing features of the Infinitikloud compelled him to give it 5-star ratings.

A happy client says that she can now download and listen to more and more music without thinking twice about the problem of storage and thought about rating the product twice.
All the above customers are extremely satisfied with the product and highly recommend it to others.

Infinitikloud Review Conclusion – Is it worthy?

Yes… This small-sized compact device offers an array of features and makes it a must-have product in today’s digital life. It received an overwhelming amount of appreciation from the users.
So don’t think much and go grab one as soon as possible.
I hope this Infinitikloud review proves fruitful to you.

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