is wireless charging bad for your phone

Is Wireless Charging Bad For Your Phone?

We all know about the latest trends in wireless charging. And the comfort it gives us as we don’t have to carry the charging cable anymore. But with the increasing trend in using wireless charging comes the question that many ask. “Is Wireless Charging Bad For Your Phone?” 

The answer to this question depends on various factors. One of the main factors is if the phone is designed for wireless charging or not. And the other being the power capabilities of the charger.

Now according to me, the answer to the question is “Yes”. Wireless charging is bad for your phone if your phone does not support wireless charging. And the problems it can cause are overheating of phone & eventually it can decrease the life span of your phone battery by 50%.

What’s going to damage the battery is letting the battery drop to less than 45% regularly. (A lithium battery is not a deep-discharge battery. We use them because they’re small and light. A gel-cell could be deeply-discharged regularly, but you don’t want to carry a battery that’s at least as large as the phone, and weighs a pound or more.)

But, If your phone supports wireless charging, then it was designed to do that and using that feature will not harm it assuming you are using a wireless charger designed for your phone model. If you have made some sort of modification that alters the manufacturers intended charging set up it might be possible to damage the phone or charging circuit.


Now, if you are worried that how can you benefit the privilege of wireless charging without damaging your problem. Then we have a solution for you. There is a new device proves to be the solution to all these problems. Its name is ChargeBoost Wireless Charger. We have read an in-depth article on Chargeboost Reviews. You can check it. Or if you choose to opt for wired charger, ChargeHubGo+ will be a good option


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