iTrack Gps Tracker Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

iTrack GPS tracker can help you locate and look after your car, giving you that peace of mind when you go to sleep.

The concept of iTrack GPS is to track a vehicle’s location in real-time. This little tracker does not take up space in your vehicle, simply plug and play. When plugged in, you can fetch the recorded data straight into your mobile device.

This device is tiny but extremely powerful. It has been carefully engineered to work with any car built after 1996.


What Is iTrack GPS Tracker?

iTrack GPS Tracker is a reliable and affordable GPS tracking device. It has been engineered to work with any car built after 1996.

The tracker connects to an app downloaded to your smartphone so you can keep your car’s stats in your pocket to be accessed at any time. Once it is set up, iTrack will keep a close eye on your car’s location.

You can also register alerts to be triggered if your car starts to move or leaves the area in which you parked it. This way you’ll know instantly if someone steals your car or uses your car without your permission.

With this GPS tracker, the insurance company can react within minutes to recover a stolen vehicle and save the owner and themselves tens of thousands of dollars in loss.

It comes in a medium-sized box with a plug that goes into the OBD port of the vehicle. Also, this car tracker device is also useful when somebody else is driving your car. This way, you can easily see where the other person has been.

How Does iTrack GPS Tracker Works?

The iTrack GPS tracker plugs into the diagnostic port in your car. This port is installed in every vehicle manufactured after 1996.

The makers of iTrack GPS Tracker have made the most of this existing technology, using the port to its best advantage by designing a portable tracker that anyone can use.

The tracker connects to an app on your smartphone so that you can access information about the status and location of your car without having to invest in my expensive or specialist kit.


Unlike other GPS that are used to track the location of your car, this handy little tracker can also give you updates on the health of your engine.

The GPS tracker device also lets you monitor your driving habits and patterns.

It monitors your engine’s mileage, logs the speed of your vehicle, and can even measure the revs on the engine.

The diagnostic port in your car opens up a window to see what is going on under the bonnet, and the app on your phone will display this for you.

It will even register any unusual activity, such as sudden acceleration, hard braking, unusual vibration in the wheels or sharp cornering.

You’ll be able to monitor your driving or the driving of anyone who borrows your car, and all of this will be logged in your phone for you to access whenever you need to.

The GPS tracker device also lets you monitor your driving habits and patterns.

How To Use iTrack GPS Tracker?


Now that we have seen what the main features and benefits of iTrack are, let’s see how you can use it. Below is a short guide on how to set up the iTrack on your car:

  1. Ensure you have a sim card with an active data plan to allow the OBD GPS tracker to share its position.
  2. Find your car’s diagnostic port. For this, you may have to check in the user manual to find its location.
  3. Plug the device into your vehicle’s diagnostic port.
  4. Download the free app for your smartphone and follow the instructions to set up an account.
  5. Connect your device to the app
  6. That’s it! After this, your data is securely accessible on your smartphone.

What makes this iTrack so special?

The main advantages of iTrack are its portability, price, and ease of use. iTrack is hardly bigger than a USB key.

Combined with its simplicity to set up, you got the world’s most efficient GPS Tracker. It will fit and follow every car without you thinking about it!


Pros And Cons of iTrack GPS Tracker

  • Amazing Functionality Tremendously useful and easy to use Outstanding price-quality equilibrium
  • Can only be purchased online Only one design available

Final Verdict: iTrack GPS Tracker Review

This little device may not ultimately stop your vehicle from being stolen. But you can rest at ease and let iTrack locate your vehicle.

You can control your vehicle without being anywhere near it. This handy little device is great for an added layer of protection for your assets.

And it is also fantastic for keeping track of driving details and performances to help you improve driving. It has everything you need in one little plugin tool.

This GPS tracker’s features include both GPS and GSM cellular technology; the GPS tracks the unit’s location via satellite, while the GSM sends out the location, time, date and more. You’ll need to use a prepaid SIM card to use the iTrack GPS Tracker, or you can add it to your own cell plan. There’s no need for a paid monthly subscription because you’re calling the unit and receiving text messages with coordinates and other data.

The iTrack GPS Tracker is easy to use, and ElectroFlip includes plenty of help and support items to get you going with this tracking device. After setup, you and your child or teen should agree to areas they can travel in, by foot, bike or car, and then attach the unit to their backpack or the vehicle’s dashboard. Then it’s easy to start tracking.


Where to Buy iTrack GPS?

The best place to buy this is at the iTrack official website. It has deals & great promotion especially if you are planning on buying on more than one.

It is also a great place to buy additional accessories or upgrades to make your experience even better.

The official website takes credit card or PayPal payments to make checkout easier. Online retailers like Amazon also sells iTrack products.

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