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PhoneX Reviews : The Future of Smartphones

The Phonex is a budget-friendly Android smartphone that brings great UX functionality with many high-range specs.

PhoneX’s design just amazed me. Its design looks like an extremely expensive flagship phone with its high screen-to-body ratio.

We chose this smartphone after being fascinated by the red gradient body. My finger just naturally slid across the surface of the phone’s back to what was — to my surprise — a fingerprint reader.

At the price of this phone, You’d expect scaled-down specs such as meager memory and underpowered performance, but the Phonex surprises with a quad-core processor, much better RAM and storage, brighter screen resolution, and better cameras than an affordable phone should boast.

Though we haven’t tested the Phonex we can draw a number of conclusions based on its specs and design as well as the consensus of consumers who have bought the phone.

PhoneX is created with a vibrant 6.3″ screen, stellar performances powered by Android underneath the hood and triple camera system for real life-alike photos — the PhoneX is proved to be a true flagship smartphone.

With 32GB of space and ultra-fast facial recognition technology, you will be amazed to discover everything this phone has to offer. Get your PhoneX while it’s still in stock for a discounted price at $209!

Who Is It For?

PhoneX Smartphones

The PhoneX is specially designed for the people who want the best specs for the most affordable price.

It is ideal for students who are experiencing smartphones for the first time, teenagers who need or want a smartphone that won’t break their parents’ pockets, or someone establishing good credit with a wireless provider.

PhoneX is the only smartphone that packs the power, design, and experience of an overpriced brand name flagship.

Key Specs and Features of PhoneX

  • Beautiful 6.3″ screen with high-end design gives the feeling of a high-end flagship phone (at a fraction of the price!)
  • A unique triple camera system takes your photographs to a whole new level.
  • 32Gb memory, Lightning-fast fingerprint scanning, AND facial recognition technology integrated
  • Long-lasting 4800mAh battery, Android 9.1, wireless charging, and so much more!

“Just Numbers are not enough to describe a device”, people used to say. Even the firm believer in pricey brand names have changed their thoughts after they came to know about PhoneX.

What Make PhoneX Best in The Market?

PhoneX Reviews

The phoneX features a Snapdragon 660, which is a chip that’s become increasingly common in the budget high-performance smartphone segment.

All thanks to price cuts over the past couple of months, smartphone processor prices have become stable. On paper, it’s not as powerful as the iPhone is built around, but it’s more than enough to handle its fair share of work.

The PhoneX also supports dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11ac, dual 4G VoLTE, Bluetooth 5, 3 satellite navigation systems, USB-OTG, and a variety of sensors.

How PhoneX is the Future of Smartphones?

PhoneX Android

The processor has enough power to handle the usual social and productivity apps that we all use, and it even does a good job in games.

Battery: The 4000 mAh battery on the PhoneX will last you a full day on a single charge and there’s fast-charging support too. The original charger and accessories come bundled in the box.

Unlike another budget smartphone, the Phone X doesn’t have any heating issues. Sure, the phone got warm after we played heavy titles such as PUBG Mobile or the god of war for a little while, but it wasn’t close enough to make us take a break between gaming sessions.


Phonex Display

PhoneX has a big display, making it look taller. But the user interface has a one-handed software mode that can be activated with a swipe gesture on the Home button. This feature has lagged during the test a few times, but work as expected most of the time.


phonex features

In daylight, the PhoneX captured quite impressive images. Colors and details were good, although a bit of sharpness was lacking. There were also minor traces of chromatic aberration when shooting against bright backgrounds, and the HDR doesn’t always handle the exposure of bright areas well.

Edit– After writing the article, we were informed that the company has added a new ‘Night’ shooting mode. This takes a second longer to process shots, but the end results were generally a bit brighter than using Auto mode.

Video: We tested PhoneX for media files including videos and it performed well in our tests.

phonex Video Maker

Videos were sharp, colors were punchy, although red levels could have been better. The phone is also L1 certified, which means you’ll be able to stream TV shows and movies at the highest supported resolution from OTT services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

The inbuilt speakers get fairly loud, while not breaking bass.

Final Verdict: Should I Buy PhoneX?

I hope you would have already got your answer in our review. We have found this phone a perfect option for you. It is the most affordable phone with high tech features on today’s date.

We highly recommend this phone to our readers.

It’s impossible to give a perfect score to something that costs this much – but this is the closest to the smartphone perfection smartphone market has ever got.

Why We Strongly Recommend PhoneX?

PhoneX Phones

We had simply been tricked by the big brands for decades into buying their expensive phones, when We could have much better performance, for many many times less money.

PhoneX is the only smartphone that packs the power, design, and experience of an overpriced brand name flagship. Once I saw the specifications, I just wished I found it earlier.

So, Don’t Waste your time anymore in just making a decision and get your PhoneX Today.

Where You Can Buy PhoneX?

You Can Buy PhoneX Directly From the Official Website Here.

The PhoneX is available for a limited time only, with exclusive offers and free shipping. Ordering is quick and easy, so take advantage of the great price by ordering yours today.

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