Playbeatz Earbuds Review

Playbeatz Earbuds Review – Best Wireless Earbuds

Playbeatz Earbuds Review

Playbeatz Earbuds Review – So finally today we present you Playbeatz earbuds review And in the first look, they were very impressive. I had seen lots of earbuds, but these Playbeatz earbuds had a quality look and feel. They are really amazing. Use of smooth, high-quality composite plastic. And the careful construction. Also, the finely joined seams and precision openings for the speakers. Introduced by everyday gadgets.

They felt good. I popped them in my ears to test out the fit. They fit snugly, and even though I shook my head and practically turned upside down, they stayed in and did not fall out. Almost all the other earbuds in the market are too big, ugly, looks weird, and fell out of the ears. The Playbeatz earbuds review, on the other hand, looked great, were the right size, and fit securely in my ears.

Playbeatz Earbuds – Introduction

PlayBeatz earbuds review is the latest wireless earbuds in the industry. These earbuds deliver superior & powerful audio to your life. Whether you’re working out, talking on the phone, or catching up on your favorite series, PlayBeatz enhances your everyday routines.


These earbuds connect with nearly all available mobile phones that use Bluetooth technology. They support both ios & android os as well as PC. One of the great things about these earbuds is that you can use them individually also. That means in case you lose one the earbuds, you can still enjoy quality audio.


  • SUPER HIGH QUALITY – They are precision made and the build quality is as good or better than anything out there.
  • LATEST BLUETOOTH MODE – Playbeatz earbuds review use Bluetooth Mode: A2DP1.3/HFP1.6/HSP1.2/AVRCP1.6/D11 which means it is up to date on the latest specs. This gives you great sound quality and enormous range. UP TO 33 FEET from your phone or computer!
  • BIG, POWERFUL LONG-LASTING BATTERY – Fast charging with the included case and cable, and extended battery life! 72 hours of standby time!
  • USE THEM FOR INCOMING AND OUTGOING PHONE CALLS – Playbeatz earbuds instantly goes to phone call mode for crisp, clear speech, and then instantly go back to your music when you’re done! (Oh, and if you want, you can switch off one side or use both. It’s completely configurable)
  • COMPATIBLE WITH APPLE, ANDROID, AND ALMOST ALL LAPTOPS – Fast, trouble-free pairing and strong, persistent connections. No annoying disconnections or dropouts!
  • SUPER HIGH VALUE – INSANELY GOOD PRICE FOR THE LATEST, TOP-QUALITY TECHNOLOGY! You will be so happy with these earbuds, you’ll want to order two or three for family members or for loved ones. Or maybe an extra pair for yourself! And you’ll be able to afford them easily.

How Did Playbeatz Wireless Earbuds Work and Sound?

Playbeatz was fully up to date with the brand new 2020 technology. A lot has improved with Bluetooth devices in the last couple of years. Electronic chips are much better now than before. Speaker materials have massively improved. Battery life has doubled and even tripled. Playbeatz earbuds review incorporated ALL these amazing new premium technologies into their new device.

Playbeatz wireless earbuds

So, I charged the Playbeatz (quickly, and in the included charging case), and when charged it only took a few seconds to pair them with my iPhone. I fired up some of my favorite rock songs and older jazz… WOW!! I could barely believe what I was hearing! The bass was deep and strong. I could not believe that this visceral bass was actually coming from this tiny, comfortable device.

I could follow the bass line… My feet were actually tapping. And the vocals were remarkably clear with an amazing presence. I felt like the singer was actually in the room with me. I had to open my eyes to check and make sure there wasn’t a living band member there! The treble highs were crisp and airy. My ears instantly approved. I don’t use this term often, but the Playbeatz earbuds were simply AMAZING.

While I was listening to music, I took a few phone calls. The audio quality of the calls was great. The voices were loud and clear, and the other person on the call heard me perfectly. This was very important to me, and the Playbeatz earbuds worked perfectly for phone calls with either iPhones or Android phones like Samsung, LG, and almost all others.

Technical Specification

  • Standby time of 180 hours
  • Bluetooth version of 5.0
  • Charging time takes around 1.5 hours
  • It has a battery of 500 mAh capacity
  • The distance within which it works is ten meters in radius
  • It promises a playing time of 3 to 4 hours in an uninterrupted manner
  • Compatible with all kinds of mobile phones, laptops, tablets, notebooks, etc.
  • For sound quality that is superior, the PlayBeatz uses V4.2+ EDR
  • It succeeds in noise cancellation and has an integrated audio system
  • The headphone design is ergonomic. Fits into the ears for longer and with more comfort
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • When PlayBeatz earbuds are turned on, it automatically connects to the smartphone. One can answer and reject calls with PlayBeatz
  • One can play, pause, stop, and skip songs with PlayBeatz without touching the smartphone.

How are Playbeatz Earbuds Better Than The Competitors?

how to use earbuds review

To prove the worth of a product in comparison to other doesn’t seems right. But I would like to provide some key points that sets playbeats earbuds review apart from the others.

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Precision Crafted Audio

Playbeatz delivers superior & powerful audio to your life. Whether you’re working out, talking on the phone, or catching up on your favorite series, PlayBeatz enhances your everyday routines. The latest in audio clarity and noise-reducing technology will have you fully immersed within the sound.

  • Acoustic vents for improved sound quality and clarity.
  • Re-engineered design to minimize sound loss while maximizing sound output.
  • True Stereo Speakers for wider balanced soundstage and exceptional accuracy.

Crystal Clear Sound on the Move

PlayBeatz Wireless Earbuds feature a Bluetooth range up to 33 feet that quickly adapts to any environment. Its sleek compact design fits easily in your pocket for quick access on the go. From the gym to the office and everywhere in-between, you can listen to the music you want without disruption.

Stay Connected Longer

The Playbeatz flash charging for faster recharging giving you up to 4+ hours of listening/talk time. And never miss a beat with over 18 hours of backup charging in your Playbeatz case.

Touch and GO

Quickly and easily sync to any device within seconds. Playbeatz is compatible with all iOS, Mac, Windows, or Android devices. Simple One-Touch technology lets you seamlessly control your connected device.

How to use PlayBeatz Earbuds?

Time needed: 2 minutes.

It’s quite easy to use Playbeatz earbuds. At first, you need to fully charge them, which will not take much time. Then you need to turn on the earbuds. After turning on, red and green light flashes. Messages either pop up on the compatible Bluetooth and Android devices or else the pair get connected automatically. For quick and easy paring follow these steps:

  1. Press the touch sensors on both Playbeatz earbuds (5 seconds) until the red and blue lights flash.

  2. When turned on, press “Connect to i12” on your phone’s Bluetooth settings page or “Connect” on the Playbeatz menu that pops up.

Playbeatz Price – How Much Do They Cost?

  • One PlayBeatz earbud costs USD 69.99. 
  • Two PlayBeatz earbuds cost USD 128.99.
  • Three PlayBeatz earbuds costs 174.99.
  • Four PlayBeatz earbuds costs USD 223.99.
  • Five PlayBeatz earbuds costs USD 262.99

Playbeatz Earbuds Review & Testimonials

PlayBeatz restored my faith in wireless I was a little unsure about using wireless earbuds at first. I had a pair of wireless headphones years ago and didn’t really like them because their batteries died quickly and the sound wasn’t too good. PlayBeatz restored my faith in wireless. Great sound. No loss of signal. Feel great.

– Mike K. – Jonesboro, Arkansas

I take public transit during my commute to work. With my old earbuds, the cord connected to my phone would always get caught on something and the earbuds would be ripped out of my ears. So frustrating. Thanks to Playbeatz I don’t have to worry about this anymore.

– Jay F. – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

After seeing all the kids wearing these, I figured I would give them a try. PlayBeatz is that product. I love listening to music when I’m out and about. These awesome earbuds make it easy!

Carrie R. – Syracuse, New York

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