Printx Pro Review: Latest Portable Bluetooth Printer

Printx pro portable Bluetooth printer is the topmost thermal printers available in the market easily. It’s far like a polaroid digicam anyway the best part is that it is no longer click pictures and has no ink used for printing pix or each component with a little paper size. Nowadays printers are of many types and of different model and that they print many styles of things also. One of the well-known ideas of printers in recent times is the idea of a portable Bluetooth printer.

This review is about PrintX Pro, a portable Bluetooth printer that brings your advanced collections to life and allows you to print on stickers and names. Simple to carry and no difficult work needed to connect or make it work. According to their business page, this printer uses warm technology, so you will never stress over ink consumption.
No need to visit any store for print out when something very similar should be possible at your home with this gadget.

What is PrintX Pro?

PrintX Pro Is a portable Bluetooth printer that is designed to print and save an actual record of a digital photograph. There is no need to go to any store for a printout as it can easily take out the same photos from this gadget.
This printer allows you to print all your computerized recollection at your home without going to any printing store. It’s easy to carry around as it is pocket-sized and connects easily when you want to click photos.

It is totally a warm printer that prevents the danger and difficulties of replacing and refilling ink each time it’s exhausted. PrintX pro is furnished with Bluetooth connectivity that helps you to connect nearby Devices; Bluetooth-enabled ones. This allows you to print your amazing photos in high quality and size.

So, PrintX Pro is convenient and can easily fit into your pocket so you carry it to your favorite destination. This makes it simple to move around any place you go.

Some Key Points About Printx Pro

Eco-Friendly: Built-in 1000mAh battery-powered battery, working in low commotion, the warm printer needn’t bother with ink cartridge when using, low activity cost.

Warm Paper Specs: Printer with an excellent print head, can print 57mm(width)x30mm(roll measurement) warm paper, 203DPI goal, great printing quality.

Features of Printx Pro

  • Print On Stickers And Common Names
  • Warm Technology Never-Ending No Ink Consumption
  • Totally Wireless Fast Connection
  • Print On Large 58mm Width Labels
  • Adjustable with iOS, Android, and MS-Windows
  • Supports different functions—photograph, labels, messages
  • Works with any Bluetooth enabled gadget

How is Printx Pro Prepare Useful For Human Beings?

Printx Pro movable Bluetooth printer takes almost 30 seconds to print such type of photos or format onto any paper that suits the machine. Individuals should basically first put the paper in the printer, attach it with the material that it has to print, after which in under 30 seconds.

It offers out a print in HD decent. This is the best decision for those who need to print something of a small length in a short period of time. Printx Pro is a great standardized gadget for getting top-rate prints of amazing quality.

Printx Pro Specifications

  1. Model: PrintX Pro
  2. Printing process: Black and white Warm printing
  3. Paper width: 57 mm (2.24”)
  4. Paper roll: Measurement 30 mm (1.18”)
  5. Printing resolution: 203 dpi
  6. Connectivity Bluetooth: 4.0 or Micro USB
  7. Battery Life: 1000 mAh
  8. Colour : Black, blue, white

What Are the Material Include In PrintX Pro?

Who All Can Use Printx Pro?

PrintX Pro Bluetooth Portable printer is anything but difficult to deal with, with no complex strategy remembered for its activity. To begin, you should simply to associate your gadget, which could be a PC, PC, cell phone, tablet, or any Bluetooth-enabled gadget. When connected, you can without much of a stretch print the picture

Furthermore, you can download the printer’s official application from the Google play store or I-store free. The package of this comes with a detailing video to show how the printer functions. The instructional exercise video is accessible on its official site.

How to Buy PrintX Pro?

PrintX Pro is right now accessible for buy from their official site. The normal price of the printer is ₹5346 per unit. However, the organization is currently offering the gadget for a lesser price. That is a 50% discount per unit. The producer also offers free delivery on every order placed in bulk quantity. Pricing Plans are:

3 PrintX Pro + 2 free at ₹4346 each for a total of ₹21,878
2 PrintX Pro + 1 free at ₹5678 each for a total of ₹14,511
1 PrintX Pro at ₹7,292

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it need an ink cartridge?

No need for it, the printer head heats the warm paper coating dot by speck and makes text or picture.

Would it be able to have color printing?

It can use double color warm paper such as blue, red, yellow, pink, black. There are color photo printers in the market place.

Will other Apps use the PrintX Pro to Print?

Other Apps need to be adjustable with the printer actually, we will work with them and deliver the function later on.

Final Conclusion

Printx Pro Portable Bluetooth printers are simple to use, classic body, quickly work, and save you from the issue of refilling ink. Also, having a PrintX Pro printer can cut your printing cost by a huge margin. PrintX Pro is portable, flexible, and can simply fit into your pocket. This makes it simple to move around any place you go.

A great enhancement for your computerized camera, this printer works immediately and saves time and printing costs. Buy it now as it is best among other gadgets.


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