Range XTD Wifi Booster review

Range XTD WiFi Booster Review

Range XTD Wifi Booster

In a technologically advanced world like today, where no work can be easily carried out without the internet, it has made having a good internet connection very essential. And struggling with a bad internet connection can result in frustration, bad quality work, delay in your submissions, and much more. 

But as every problem has a solution, so does it. So for amplifying the speed of your WiFi, we are introducing you with the Range XTD WiFi booster review that will definitely solve your muddles.

 What is Range XTD WiFi Booster?

It is a compact device that acts as an efficient router for home, and amplifies your WLAN signal. According to the manufacturer, the device loads data much faster than other repeaters. It also offers advanced multi-connectivity. A WIFI repeater is especially suitable for people who value a fast Internet connection. The high speed data loading program can be set up quickly and easily.

Also, if you are struggling with the dead zones and face connectivity issues while surfing, playing games,conducting meetings online, then this device comes out to be the best rescue. 

Why do you need a Range XTD WiFi booster?

The signal of most router boxes nowadays is usually too weak to serve the needs of modern home. Not only is it not enough to use with more than one device,it usually doesn’t even go through togher walls, multiple floors, Or various other obstacles. 

And, whenever you will complain to your operator, he will only say that problem is at your side and encourage you to go for expensive plans, which altogether could weigh heavy on your pockets. Even after that there is no surety of the connection running smoothly. 

But  if you buy this gadget then only you have to invest once with complete assurity by the manufacturers, which has proven really true. Ultimately, it will amplify the internet speed and you are good to go

Range XTD Review

How does the Range XTD WiFi booster work?


You just have to plug the device into any outlet in your house (pro tip:works even better when plugged about halfway in between the “dead spot”) then connect it to your router and enjoy fast internet connectivity in every corner of your house.


It is a two cutting-edge WiFi router and powerful amplifier in one tiny box-it receives your already existing WiFi signal, doubles its range at higher frequencies than your router, and then distributes an already stronger and faster signal around your house. It is way too simple.

For even better signal boosting, this model has two built-in antennas. And there’s also support for WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryption to protect your network. It’s easy to activate the encryption function, too. Simply plug in the device in a wall socket, push the WPS button, and you’re good to go.

On the extender itself, there are two ports:

  • 1 LAN port (10/100Mbps auto-negotiation ethernet)
  • 1 WAN/LAN port (10/100Mbps auto-negotiation ethernet)

You also have the option of choosing between three modes:

  1. AP
  2. Router
  3. Repeater

There’s also a power switch, which makes it easy to turn the extender on and off.

On top of that it also has a 3x WiFi signal strength LED which helps you  know the strength of  your signal so that you can choose the appropriate location for your extender. This feature may not sound like a big deal, but it saves you from having to plug in the moderator ,checking the signal strength on your device, and then finding a new location.

Features of Range XTD WiFi booster

  • 2 built-in antennas
  • Wireless speed up to 300mbps
  • Supports WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryption
  • 1 LAN port and 1 WAN/LAN port
  • Single-push WPS button
  • Signal strength LED
  • Mode and Power controls
  • A piece of cake setup.


  1. High speed: Offers to speed up to 300 Mbps which is way higher than any of the other WiFi boosters available in the market. With this, you can enjoy uninterrupted streaming of videos, smooth surfing and much more which makes your working so easy and seamless. 
  2. A piece of cake setup: Easy to install and use. Designed with mobility and portability, a little gadget with great value, ideal for home, company, and travel in use.
  3. Universal: Compatible with any WiFi router, phone, laptop, or tablet. 
  4. Simple and self-contained: It is a mini plug-in device without external antennas which saves a lot of space in your home. 
  5. Cost-effective: As you only have to invest for once in your lifetime, and there you are ready to enjoy bounteous outcomes.
  6. Saves time: In today’s busy life who has a time to waste over poor internet connectivity? Nobody right, this is the reason why Range XTD WiFi booster is a must-have in electronics. 


After researching for a lot I couldn’t find any negative points related to its purchase and which is way too obvious because of the enormous benefits being offered by the product. This reason makes  its buying  worthwhile. 

From Where to buy a Range XTD WiFi booster?

In order to get an original product, you must order it directly from the manufacturer. Because after researching over the product,i got to know that ordering from a person other than the manufacturer could cost you a lot and moreover, could provide you a faulty one. So it is better if you can order it from the manufacturer itself. You will also receive a lot of important information and discount offers from the manufacturer. Currently, according to the manufacturer’s website, you will receive a 50% discount on the base price.

And the best thing is delivery charges are free and you can recieve your product within a few working days.

Is Range XTD a scam?

It is definitely not a scam. Although it sounds pretty good to believe,trust me when i bought it for myself, it followed every feature that is being enlisted on the product and totally worked smoothly offering a very high range of speed.It’s not the first WiFi booster on the market and it certainly will not be the last. This technology has been around for a long time, but the manufacturer has made their extender more powerful.

There’s also a secure checkout and a guarantee that you’ll like the product or you can request your money back.

 Range XTD WiFi Booster Customer reviews

So to witness it yourself, we are here providing you with the genuine reviews of various customers in their own words.

“Do not hesitate to try this device! My daughter’s bedroom is upstairs and my office/router is downstairs. For 2 years she has had constant problems with Netflix and Amazon buffering…and timing out altogether. I finally did some internet research to find the cause of the problem, and I came across this device on Amazon. Given the great reviews, I thought I’d give it a try.

That’s it! My daughter’s TV fired right up to Netflix and it now runs faster than it ever has”!

“I  installed this WIFI repeater using the quick WPS pairing which worked perfectly with my 7 year-old N600 Belkin router. Then I moved this repeater towards the dead zone in my house until the signal strength LED turned from blue to red. I moved the antennas around until the signal strength LED turned back to blue.

I then ran the internet speed test to see what my download speeds were… they are now measuring just about what my wireless network download speeds are when I am standing next to the router. So, I am getting excellent signal strength and download speeds from this Rockspace repeater and the TV’s and cellphones at the back of our house don’t drop the signal anymore. 5-stars”!

“We have been looking for something to boost our WiFi signal upstairs. After much research I decided on this device. It was SO easy to set up (after I skipped down to the WPS set up directions). It was set up within minutes and then moved upstairs. We connected the Echo dots, Playstation and a second network for all our cell phones (4). They are all running much more efficiently. So glad I made this purchase… easy to set up and works great!”!

So after witnessing it all by yourself, your apprehensions about the product might have vanished. 

Range XTD Wifi Booster Review – Final Conclusion

After researching over the product and purchasing it for my own use, i am pretty much confident to recommend you all to go for this purchase as every enlisted point above is true in every sense.

Also, it gives some of the other extenders I’ve reviewed a run for their money. It’s a reliable extender that’s easy to use and install. Plus, it offers a high  range of speed compared  to other WiFi boosters. Moreover, if you face any problem after buying it then you can easily return within 30 days of your purchase. 

It is a good deal to beat. And its purchase assists you in finally bidding goodbye to the dead zones existing in your house. Also, shipping takes longer than usual and the reason is that large orders are being placed and it takes a few time to refill their stock. So better don’t delay and go grab your orders.We hope that the  Range XTD review proved fruitful for you.

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