safe grabs review

Safe Grabs Review – Must have Kitchen Tool

Safe Grabs Review

Have you ever burnt yourself in the kitchen while cooking or reheating your favourite dish!

Well, this happens with all of us! unknowingly we touch the hot surfaces that instant gives us those ugly marks on our fingers wrists and sometimes on other parts of the body. It is also dangerous for our table tops whether it could be of Glass or wood surface. 

For those who love to cook but are scared of the hot vessels, need not worry anymore. Safe Grab is the solution. 

The cloth vessel holder makes grabbing hold of the pan difficult, and it gets slipped halfway to the counter. This works as a heat resistant and a has a solid hold on things is compelling when you are working around hot surfaces or slippery and fragile items.

There are various kinds of vessel holders available in the market, but this has been a revolutionary product. Now you can remove the vessels from the microwaves and gas without burning yourself. 

Why should I Chose Safe Grabs?

The fear of burns and messes from worn-out cloth vessel holders nearly kept everybody away from enjoying cooking, but safe grabs changed all that. It’s solid material prevents surprise hot vessels and helps protect your hands and home from burning and scorching. It holds the grips onto dishes and hot tools can prevent accidents. This can be used as a multipurpose tool in your kitchen. 

How are Safe Grabs Different from Regular Vessel Holders?

Traditional vessel holders and trivets come in all sorts of materials, colours and designs, but they can develop thin vessels or catch fire. The silicone has makes it ideal for gripping onto things because it forms to the shape of the thing it’s holding. The flexible ridges are made of the same material magnify this trait. Should something slip off of one ridge, there is another one to catch it. 

They are perfect for kitchen use. It protects your counter from the heat damage of most hair styling tools, or to put under a hot glue gun as well.  But if you are looking for something to protect your hands or workspace for hobbies like firing vessel artery or glass blowing, you will need something with higher heat resistance. It’s flexibility, heat resistance, and unique design make them multi-functional tools. It is made of BPA free, food-grade silicone with gripping ridges, that makes it the perfect splatter guards as well. The fact they are dishwasher safe makes cleanup quick and easy too.

Key Features

  • Safe grabs are made up of BPA free, food-grade silicone. This ensures that they can be used to protect from contact with both low and high temperatures. One can use them like vessel holders to take a piping hot casserole out of the microwave or use them to protect your hands from prolonged contact with frozen foods while digging a roast out of the bottom of the deep freezer.
  • It has heat resistant up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit and non-toxic at all temperatures. Safe grabs come in a pack of two: one of ten-inch and one of twelve-inch. So If you want to warm up a bowl of rice for dinner in the microwave. Place the bowl on top of the twelve-inch as a platter and use the ten-inch as a splatter guard holder. Once your dish is nice and hot, the larger one is there, ready and waiting, for you to use in taking the owl out without risk of burning your hands. And your microwave will also be clean because you had used the larger one as a plate. It is easy to wash too. 
  • They might be useful for keeping ice cream from melting so fast on a hot day too.
  • One thing that sets safe grabs apart are the ridges on one side. They serve two purposes. Firstly,  they evenly disperse heat. The insulating material in it shifts, and this results in places where they do not protect against heat. Using a worn-out vessel holder can result in burns. Secondly, the ridges provide a strong grip. This give silicone has makes it ideal for gripping onto things because it forms to the shape of the thing it’s holding. The flexible ridges made of the same material magnify this trait. Also, Glass or ceramic casserole dishes can be slippery. It also serves the purpose of placemats to protect your table from heat damage while served hot too!
  • Safe grabs have upward edges design which makes it easy to pick from any surface.


  • It is BPA free material, heat resistant to 475 degrees Fahrenheit, and dishwasher safe.
  • Solid construction prevents wear and hot vessels.
  • It is designed to be multi-functional.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Use as a microwave mat, placement, trivet, potholder, splatter guard food cover, utensil rest, jar opener, and much more. 


  • Its heat resistance is under 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It is are more expensive than traditional vessel holders.
  • Only two colours are available.  (More colours are available on Amazon)
safe grabs review

Bottom Line 

Safe Grabs are a well designed and useful product. People seem to love their versatility and durability. Each safe grab is made of food-grade silicone, so there is no middle layer that can bunch and slip. This only makes them ideal for use in heat protection, but the ridges add another layer. No matter what the material is, the heat will eventually transfers. Its a fact that they are easy to clean is another feature everyone seems to agree upon, so long as you don’t allow food to dry onto the ridged side. The ridges evenly disperse this heat, preventing hot vessels that could burn you or damage your tables or countersInsulation prevents the transfer of heat from something hot to something cooler. That’s why the same insulating properties that keep your hands from being burned by a hot bowl can also keep your food from getting cold.

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