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SmartLight Review: Brighten Up Your Home With New Bulb

SmartLight bulbs are light bulbs in disguise. They look and feel just like your average light bulb, but they are specially designed to pack the whole spectrum of colors into one single light. SmartLight’s unique technology means that you can choose from 16 million shades of color to light up your room, all from a single bulb.

Smart lighting is one area of the smart home that just about anyone can tackle. It requires little explanation, installation, and fiddling, and before you know it, you’re enjoying the lovely hues of your new smart bulbs, controlling them with just your phone or your voice.

SmartLight bulbs have grown exponentially smarter in recent years. You can now replace your standard incandescent bulb with a variety of connected solutions you can control with just a few taps on your smartphone or tablet.

Introducing The Incredible SmartLight Bulb For Your Home

If you’ve been searching for a light bulb that you can control by voice or with your phone, then This SmartLight is perfect for you. Instead of walking around your home searching in the dark for a switch you can use the latest technology to brighten every room.

Installation is easy and your bulbs will be ready to go within minutes of unwrapping them.

With a lot of customizable settings and the convenience of being able to control it remotely, it really is an LED Light like no other.

Special Benefits and Key Features of SmartLight Bulbs:

Range of colors

LED lights inside the bulb can be set to any one of 16 million different colors at the touch of a button

Music Sync Mode

This feature automatically syncs your light bulbs to the beat of your music to provide a dynamic light show

Energy Efficiency

Just one SmartLight bulb can provide 20,000 hours of light, using just 4.5 watts – 80% more efficient than regular light bulbs


A pre-programmed low lighting setting provides a scientifically proven level of light conducive to relaxation and sleep

Party Mode

There are 20 pre-programmed modes for each bulb, including a strobe function, to really get your party started

Smart Group Modes

Group collections of bulbs together so that you can control all of the lights in one room to do the same thing at the same time

How SmartLight Bulbs Work?

Smartlight bulb reviews

SmartLight bulbs are complete fun. Want to set a relaxing mood for music after dinner or choose something festive for a holiday theme? Turn the lights blue, green, or whatever palette you like.

Want a softer, warmer light to ease your way into the morning? A color-adjustable or tunable white bulb can do that. Set in strategic locations, color-adjusting smart bulbs can be an integral part of your home decor, rather than just something to chase the shadows away.

All smart bulbs are easily dimmable from their apps, and all of those apps allow for scheduling, so you can have groups of lights turn on and off based on your daily activities or to simulate occupancy when you’re away from home.

With smart bulbs, you can easily shut off downstairs lights when you’re upstairs tucked in bed, or even from a hotel room 10,000 miles away. Smart bulbs can also be grouped so that one tap shuts down an entire room or floor.

Why Is SmartLight Bulb So Revolutionary?

Smartlight bulb

The SmartLight bulbs create amazing vibrant, colorful Scenes and you can control it via Bluetooth and your mobile phone. However, the real magic happens when you add in a Hue hub. this smart light allows you to set Schedules, as well as integrate with motion sensors and wireless switches from the Hue family of accessories.

It also adds support for Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung SmartThings, among others. And because that Zigbee connection works separately from your home’s Wi-Fi (it creates its own mesh network between devices), it’s more reliable than most systems.

Smartlight is great because of the options you have at your disposal: You can control them with just your phone or your voice. You can change the tone, brightness, and even color. There are so many options with smart lights, you may wonder what took you so long to make the switch.

The Smartlight is also the most affordable color bulb we’ve ever tested that is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, and IFTTT. HomeKit support is a recent addition, so setup is a bit different than a typical HomeKit device.

Who Could Benefit From This SmartLight Bulbs?


Smart bulbs are for people who want to add convenience to their lighting system without having to do any actual wiring. All you have to do is a screw in a light bulb and make a few clicks on your smartphone. They work with in-wall fixtures and stand-alone lamps and come in a variety of sizes for both indoor and outdoor use.

This is great for anyone who wants to dabble in smart lighting but doesn’t want to pay double digits for a single light bulb.

These bulbs are for anyone who values their time. Because they can be controlled by voice and remote, it lets you stay in the bed and turn the light off. It also means you can dim the lights when you are watching a movie, or turn them on in the kitchen when you are carrying the dishes, and don’t want to be looking for a switch in the dark.

The SmartLight is also great for anyone who likes to entertain. Because the customizable features include party lighting, they help to make any occasion more fun. Christmas lighting settings also help to make that special time of year more festive for everyone.

They are also good for anyone who lives alone. If you don’t like the thought of coming home to a dark house then you can make sure the lights are always on before you walk through the door.

SmartLight Review: Does This SmartLight Bulb Worth Buying?

best color smartbulb

If you want to take your light with you, the Smartlight is the ideal choice. You can plug the device into a power outlet for a light show on your wall, or unplug it and use it as a compact centerpiece. It can also last up to three hours when fully charged, and its 300-lumen bulb can last up to 20,000 hours before needing to be replaced.

We highly recommend this SmartLight to all of our readers who want to make their living experience to the next level of convenience.

SmartLight Bulb Review: Where to Buy This Bulb

SmartLight is available for a limited time only, with exclusive offers and free shipping. Ordering is quick and easy, so take advantage of the great price by ordering yours today.

You can order your bulb directly from the official website here.

buy smartlight bulb
How to Use the SmartLight Bulb?

To use the light, simply press the button on the back. Philips Hue features seven different light effects, including a warm white light, energizing daylight, and five natural dynamic lights. You can even connect your Philips Hue Go with the Hue bridge (not included), giving you full control of your home lighting via your smartphone. Currently, the device works with Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant.

Are smart lights worth it?

Besides saving energy and money, smart bulbs also last longer. Incandescent or halogen bulbs last around a year, while LED lights last 10 years on average. … From added security to cost savings, it’s safe to say that smart lighting is definitely worth the investment, especially when incorporated into a smart home system

Do smart lights use more power?

LED bulbs, in general, can be a fantastic energy saver since they don’t require a lot of electricity compared to other types of lights. So, smart bulbs are still using up some electricity even when the light is technically turned off

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