Superboost Wifi Booster Review: A New age Wifi Extender [Updated 2020]

Superboost wifi booster review

Do you also face problems of low Wi-Fi signal while watching your favorite web series or playing games! Don’t rush to run out or buy a new router. You might have been paying the double cost for increasing your wifi speed.  Now a range extender does that job. These range extenders will pick up your router’s signal, amplify it, alleviate network congestion, and rebroadcast the boosted signal. And here you are good to go. Read the SuperBoost Wifi Booster Review.

This is easy to install and available in different shapes, sizes and speeds according to your need. But everything comes with a limitation. This creates a separate extended network which makes the seamless roaming difficult.

Introduction : SuperBoost Wifi Booster Review

SuperBoost WiFi Booster intends to speed up your WiFi network range and claims to speed by up to 2 times for each device installed in your home. Depending on the size and layout of your home, a mid-to-high-end router may provide all the Wi-Fi coverage you’ll require, but for homes built with dense materials like brick, concrete, plaster, and metal, some level of signal quality disturbs is almost a certainty.

super boost wifi booster review

Specifications of SuperBoost Wifi Booster

  • Strengthen and boost WiFi coverage
  • WPS for quick connection
  • Eliminates  dead WiFi zones and improves WiFi coverage in your home
  • Compatible with any standard WiFi router
  • Easy to install – just plug it in!
  • Sleek design
  • 30- days  money-back guarantee

Installation and Setup Process

For more on optimizing your home’s Wi-Fi network, Super Boost is very easy to setup. It saves your time for the setup of the device. For some reason, the setup is always this difficult process that we all would have difficulty with. But Super Boost WiFi makes the setup preferably easy. When you plug the device, you’ll require to do the following:

  • Navigate to your computer or smartphone’s WiFi icon
  • Click on the icon and search for a network called “WiFi Repeater”
  • Click on the network and then press connect
  • Enter the following address into your browser:
  • Enter “admin” for the user and pass
  • Click the repeater button
  • Select your home’s WiFi connection
  • Enter your home’s WiFi password
  • Click apply
  • Look for a network that has “_ext” at the end

This is the new extended network that you’ll connect to when you want additional Internet coverage.There is a WPS button on the device, which is the fast and easy way to connect if you have a compatible router. If you want to reset the booster, simply press the RESET button for 10 seconds, or until it shuts down.

When used indoors, you’ll get the signal extension up to 100m. This range is highly dependent on obstacles and materials that may be present within the home. You will be able to cover the entirety of most homes with this device.

The outdoor extension is even better, with the signal being able to be extended by up to 300m in optimal conditions.

Maximum WLAN security is allowed through WPA, WPA2 and WEP (not recommended). This connects all of the devices under your roof to this device, and it will expand your connection while also strengthening weak signals.

In maximum homes, however, the router’s location is bound to the room where the internet starts the house, which means relocating the router will likely lack running Ethernet cable to the desired area. Range extenders provide a comparatively easy way to deliver Wi-Fi without those troublesome cable wires. It’s the solution to your Internet connection problems if you’re dealing with dead zones or connection drops inside your home.


Advantages of Super Boost

Super Boost is your go-to option when recommending WiFi extenders. It’s a lot easier set up this device than it is setting up a router, and its simplest features. Customer service is highly responsive, so if you have an issue with the product, you can have it fixed or ask for your money back in 30 days of purchase.

When it’s plugged in and serving, you’ll have data transfer speeds that are up to 300Mbps – that’s fast. You’ll be able to listen to your favourite podcasts, stream movies or play games without any connection interruptions in the process. Super Boost WiFi takes the complexity out of extending your home.

Some users complain that it made their speeds slower, but it has a solution!

It is a super simple, plug and play device that is so simple to set up that even you did it on your own, and that’s quite an achievement! Thus, the only thing that is wrong with it is that you probably do not have one yet!. When you connect to those extended networks, the speeds will be slower because you’re cutting the signal into two unique signals. You cannot receive the same fast speed as you do on your router, but you can come close to these speeds.

Bottom Line : SuperBoost Wifi Booster Review

Among all of the WiFi extender, the Super Boost WiFi booster is the product I recommend to everyone. It outperformed all my expectations on the range, speed, and quality. Even if you are not tech-savvy, you can easily learn to use this device. It’s very user friendly and can be set up almost anywhere, so you will never be without a strong connection.

The best thing about this product is that is Compatible and Global. Also works with all Wi-Fi routers or wireless access point, so you don’t need to worry about that anymore. It’s best to place the booster halfway between your router and the dead zone. Your signal strength and bandwidth will be immediately boosted and directed to the WiFi trouble spot at the same fast speed that you will appreciate. Now you can assuredly enjoy and have a peace of mind while watching your favourite movie without bothering that your internet connection will drop.

Super Boost WiFi Booster can widen your range without sacrificing speed or quality. This WiFi booster is fit for any multi-level home or office even with multiple users. The device is easy to set up, compact, and portable, making it perfect for travel. Never again worry about dead zones or buffering and always stay connected.

We hope that after reading this superboost wifi booster review, you got all the answers to your questions.

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