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TacticPhoneX Reviews: Rugged Phone For Extreme Situations

TacticPhoneX has futuristic technology. With the rugged TacticPhoneX, you would love to swim, climb, and go to the beach without worrying about affecting its phone performance. TacticPhoneX is a precision-engineered feature phone which is specifically for the military & hiker. It is built like a tank, making it one of the most rugged phones known to man. Its robustness makes it an essential item for any adventure.

When a regular phone cannot keep up, only the latest technology can help you to rest easy next to the pool, or shrug instead of panic when the smartphone is dropped. If you are constantly cracking the screen or the adventurous at heart.

What Is TacticPhoneX?

The TacticPhoneX is a rugged all-round phone great for hikers, adventurers or people who work in construction and need a phone which is pretty much unbreakable.

In this TacticPhoneX review, we will share our experience with this rugged phone and tell you about the specifications of this rugged smartphone.

Key Features and Benefits of TacticPhoneX:

Indestructible: Built with dual-tone soft rubber material, excellent strength. Zero gaps in every corner while remaining stylish with a sleek design.

Water Resistant: You can keep it immersed in water, and even record under-water videos. Feel free to use in rain, in your shower, or underwater.

Dust Resistant: Totally protected against dust – no need to worry about sand, dirt, or volcanic ash.

Huge Battery Capacity: Keeps its charge for up to 2 weeks under regular daily usage. It even works as a power bank and can charge your USB devices on the go

Super Strong Flashlight: No more fear of darkness – every corner of the Earth ready for you to explore.

Shatter Resistant: Survive any drop – the strong construction and rubber material reduce the impact of collisions.

What Makes TacticPhoneX So Revolutionary?

TacticPhone X Reviews

Helps you Stay Safer in The Tough Situations

The main purpose of a survival phone is to save you in extreme conditions. For example, if a natural catastrophe has hit your hometown, you will most likely be isolated, unable to contact anyone. However, TacticPhoneX is very resistant and built in a way that will not be affected by water or strong hits.

This means that you will still be able to use it, even if it was in your pocket when you were in the water or if you fell to the ground. Thanks to its keyboard, you are able to use it with just one hand, for example. Also, you do not have to hold it very close, in order to be able to read the numbers or the text on the display.

This means that if you cannot bring the phone to your ear, you can still use or type on it, even from a distance than would make any other phone useless.

Amazingly Resistant To Water: Now Enjoy Poolside 

One of the most common ways a phone dies is when it is exposed to water. This makes people reluctant to go near the sea or use their phone poolside without having to keep it away from liquid.

TacticPhoneX is a survival phone that is IP68 Certified Waterproof and also has a strong resistance to shock.

This means that you are able to use the phone even while you are in the water, for example. Also, if you accidentally drop the phone or if you have an accident yourself, this survivor phone will be protected and you will be able to use it, without any problems.

Technical Specifications of TacticPhoneX

  • P: Standard – Can remain in less than 1-meter depth of water for up to half an hour,
  • shockproof and dustproof – IP68 waterproof
  • Screen Size – 2.4 inches
  • Screen resolution – 320×240 pixels
  • Memory – 64 MB RAM + 64 MB ROM
  • Charging Power – 5V
  • Sim Cards – Tri Sim Card
  • TF Card Support
  • 2G frequency – GSM 850/900/1800/1900
  • Bluetooth v2.0
  • Camera – 2MP
  • MP3
  • Powerful Flashlight
  • Integrated FM antenna
  • Class K amplifier
  • Battery life – 3000mAh (30 days Standby time, large battery, Integrated power bank)
  • Talk time – 72 hours
  • Standby time – 360 hours
  • GSM Quadband (2G Bands GSM- 850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
  • Colors – Black, orange, blue and green
  • Languages – Up to 15 languages including, German, English, Arabic, Spanish, Turkish, Italian, Polish, Russian and French
  • Accessories – 1 charger, 1 battery, 1 manual, and 1 USB cable
  • Phone size – 139x62x22mm at 195g without battery
  • 300 g with battery
  • Developed in the USA

Longer Battery Life: Make Long Journey Without Charger

TacticPhoneX has a huge 3,000mAh battery capacity which gives up to 30 days of standby battery life. On top of this, it can even be used as a power source to charge other devices making it an essential item to keep in a bag on long trips and adventures.

Even when used continuously, the phone can work for up to a week on a single charge.

Store Tonnes of Music and Pictures

With TacticPhoneX you get the big 64GB memory, but also the ability to insert a TF card. Most of the time, your phone is limited by the memory the phone offers.

This opens up loads of possibilities, enabling it to store thousands of pictures and songs without having to sacrifice space on the phone. This means it will perform at a higher standard for longer and run faster than smartphones that are near capacity.

Anyone Can Use The TacticPhoneX

The large icons on the 2.4-inch screen make using it simple from the first use, there are no complicated aspects or unnecessary applications, it only offers necessary features.

It has a large keyboard that is easy to use and supports 15 different languages. Because the interface is clean and well laid out, it is easy to navigate.

Where can I purchase the Tactic PhoneX?

TacticPhoneX is available for a limited time only, with exclusive offers and free shipping.
Ordering is quick and easy, so take advantage of the great price by ordering yours today.

The FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) About Tactic Phone X

Q) What is the toughest smartphone on the market?

Tactical Phone X is one of the toughest tactical smartphone available. It has been created keeping in mind the needs of Special Forces and hard-core extreme sports. It is an ultra-reliable, ultra-rugged smartphone that’s built to provide those who serve with the smart communication they need, regardless of situation or environment.

Q) Which phone has the toughest screen?

The Tactic PhoneX Is the World’s Toughest Phone. Thanks to its shatterproof display, the TacticPhoneX survived our torture tests with flying colors, making it a lot more durable than the iPhone X and Galaxy S9 tactical edition.

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