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VIZR Review – Best Car Heads Up Display?

VIZR – A heads up display device by FIXD is considered as a game-changer for the ease of driving. Everyone has a habit of checking their phones while driving. And there are a number of reasons to do so. Sometimes it is to change your music, checking up texts & most importantly to check navigations.

Checking your phone for whatever reasons may distract you and can put you and your fellow passengers in danger. “But Mike, how are we supposed to know the navigation without checking our phone?”, you may ask. The answer is this amazing HUD by FIXD which is called vizr review. A futuristic device that is very useful in driving safely. A unique product is introduced by everydays gadgets.

VIZR heads up display projects the screen of your phone on the windshield. So what you need to see is always in your line of sight. Hence, it keeps you and your fellow passengers safe.

vizr review

But, Does it really work? or How to use this device? You may have a lot of questions like these or about the features. So, we have done all the research for you. Let’s read the in-depth VIZR review:

What Is VIZR Heads Up Display?

Vizr heads up display is a device that allows you to project the screen of your smartphone on the windshield. It will allow you to see the navigations without any distractions while driving. That said you don’t have to look over at your phone to check the navigations.

VIZR not only helps you in navigations, but it will allow you convenient access to all the apps of your smartphone. And the best thing is that it is compatible with all the smartphones available in the market. The actual device is a small and transparent screen that displays your route, as well as a small tech piece where you can lay your phone down.

The manufactures of this awesome device are FIXD. FIXD is a popular company that mainly produces vehicle diagnostic tools and navigation devices.

How Does VIZR Work?

The device has two main parts, the HUD (Heads Up Display) and the phone platform. First, you need to attach both the parts buy screwing in one piece and attaching the other piece to it. Then remove the adhesive tape from underneath the base and place it on your dashboard by pressing firmly.

According to the official website, the base of the device is 6-3/8″ wide. And the display glass is 2-5/8″ high x 515/16″ wide. The makers of this device also claim that it will work with any smartphone.

Now to use the device, you need to download an HUD-enabled navigation app on your smartphone in order to connect it with the device. The official website recommends HUDWAY GO app that is available on both iOS & Android phones. HUDWAY Go is a trusted app with more than 5,00,000 downloads and an average rating of 3.4 stars.

One thing to consider here is that non-HUD navigation apps like Google Maps will are not compatible with this device.

What Are the Features of VIZR HUD?

  • Universal Structure –  The most remarkable feature of VIZR is its flexibility. And its ability to work with all types of car models and brands. It doesn’t matter if you are driving a sedan, an SUV, a truck, a muscle car, or a hybrid car. You can easily mount the device on the dashboard of the car and use it. A lot of new cars come with built-in HUD but VIZR is the best option for you in case your car does not come with an in-built HUD.
  • Day & Night Functioning – The heads up display works perfectly whether it is day time or night time. The resolution of the device is not affected by the time of the day. the device works round the clock.
  • Multilayer Coating –  The screen of this HUD is protected with a multilayer coating that prevents the screen from getting scratched or smudged. And if you use non-abrasive screen cleaning tools or kit, then the screen will remain clear for a very long time.
  • Compatible with any HUD App – The device has its own app called the HUDWAY GO app that is free and has plenty of cool features. But it doesn’t mean that you can not use this device with any other HUD app. VIZR is compatible with any HUD app available
  • Wireless Installation – I consider this a very cool and helpful feature. Unlike many other HUD’s in the market, there is no need for extra wires and complicated procedures to install the device. just follow the instruction manual that comes with the device and you are good to use the device.
  • Non-Slip Surface – The phone holder of the device is made with a non-slippy surface to make sure that the device doesn’t slide off the dashboard of your car. There are two ways to place the device on the dashboard. You can either mount the device on the dashboard or simply place the device on top of the dashboard.
  • Adjustable Screen – You can adjust the screen at the best angle that you are comfortable with.

Pros & Cons

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of this amazing Heads Up Display device.

  • Securing splendid deals on multiple items Deemed compatible with any smartphone Convenient to use after being set up Stays glued when being mounted The screen comes first in terms of clarity and visibility Strong key design It is long-lasting It’s compatible with all types of smartphones Very easy to mount and set up Simple to use after set up Designed with crystal clear and visible screens Offers a great deal on multiple products
  • Instructions in the manual are quite difficult to follow The set-up in guidelines in the manual may be complex to understand and follow.

Setup & Installation Instructions:

  1. Remove the packaging –  At first, remove the device from its original packing. You will get a mounting device and a screen in the box.
  2. Clean your dashboard – Make sure to thoroughly clean the dashboard of your car where you want to mount or place the HUD device.
  3. Mount the device – To actually mount the device in your car, place it flat on the dashboard with the adhesive side of the mounting device facing down. Just remove the strip from the adhesive side and firmly press it down to attach that strip to the surface of the dashboard.
  4. Configure the HUD App – Now Install any HUD app you want. And configure it with the device as per the instructions that come along.
  5. Adjust the display screen –  After configuring the device with the HUD app and placing it on the dashboard you can adjust the screen to an angle that suits you the most.

Which Apps are Compatible?

According to the official website, this HUD Device is compatible with any HUD App available in the market. Each and every app has a different interface so the user can opt for any HUD app he/she likes to use with the device. According to me, after checking a number of  HUD apps, I have concluded the two best out of all the HUD apps.


Hudway Go

Hudway Go is a great HUD compliance navigation app that helps you find your way or navigate you from one place to another. It shows you the step by step navigations. The app also features a voice navigation system, so you can listen to the directions as the app reads them to you. The app offers multiple directions to your destination so that you can choose whichever is preferable to you.


Made by the parent company, there is no doubt about the compatibility of this app. This app offers to monitor and can diagnose your vehicle and let you know what work you need to do. The app can also remind you of the upcoming maintenance that your vehicle needs.

Pricing & Return Policy

The device is available for sale at the official website. Regarding the pricing, they have three options available. You can buy a single unit for $39.99, two units for $59.99 or three units for $79.99. And the good thing is that they provide worldwide shipping with any additional charges.

Regarding the return policy, the customer has 30 days from the date of purchase to return the product. And the amount refunded will be the cost of the item minus the cost of shipping and taxes.

To initiate the return process, you’ll have to send an email to [email protected]. And you have to include your proof of purchase or receipt in the mail. With the proof of purchase, you are not eligible to request a return.

Once the return is approved and confirmed, you’ll have to send the device in original packing to FIXD Automotive, 75 5th St. NW, Suite 380; Atlanta, GA 3008.

VIZR Review – Final Verdict

This HUD device is one of the best HUD devices available in the market. The innovation and useful features are what make this device the best in class. You can set up the VIZR in less than a minute and gain access to all your navigation and driving apps. It helps you keep your eyes on the road and still follow your planned route. The most important feature of this handy tool is that it keeps your family safe.

We hope that our VIZR review helped you understand all the benefits of this tool. And how it can help you. VIZR works like a personal driving competition to help you access apps and use tools on your phone. Our VIZR review goes over everything you love and dislike about the product.

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