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WaterBoom 360 Bluetooth Speaker Reviews: Best Portable Speaker

WaterBoom 360 portable Bluetooth speaker is one of the best options in speakers which can provide you an awesome experience. Compatibility is high for this speaker, it is compatible with android and iOS devices, and works with Siri or Google assistant. You can control the music, access and reject the calls directly by the speaker. This is a portable speaker and there is no need to take much effort to operate it.

A Bluetooth speaker is a must-have piece of kit if you already have on in your audio-visual arsenal.

They’re the best way to take your tunes with you to beach picnics or outdoor adventures, and some of the best portable Bluetooth speakers sound just as good as almost any indoor speaker that you’d buy.

However, most of you can’t afford a speaker for each occasion, which means we need to look for one that can help us from the bedroom to the beach and everywhere in-between.

The Waterboom 360 speaker supports Bluetooth mobile range and it is safe for accidental drops. The Waterboom 360 Bluetooth speaker has 360-degree sound and you can connect with another Bluetooth speaker simultaneously.

Key Features and Benefits of Waterboom 360 Speaker:

Waterboom 360
  • 360 degrees of sound effect is the main feature of this product.
  • Perfectly waterproof, so it can be used near showers, pools, beaches and during rainy days.
  • This product is dustproof, we can just remove the dirt by rinsing off.
  • Advance sound technology is used, you get to experience advanced HD sound.
  • Water Boom 360 has a battery life of 6 hours.
  • You can accept or reject phone calls while using this speaker.
  • Perfect Bluetooth connectivity is inherent in this device.
  • WaterBoom 360 is compatible with android and iOS devices.
  • You can enjoy music to its fullest with the help of this portable speaker.
  • This speaker can connect up to two devices simultaneously.
  • The mobile range for music playback on this device is up to 100 feet.
  • You can enjoy music for hours non-stop, with brilliant sound quality and the charging time is 2.8 hours.

Technical Specifications of WaterBoom 360

Weight: 6.61 pounds (3kg) | Battery life: 10 hours | Connectivity: Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n, 2.4 GHz, and 5GHz) and Bluetooth 4.2 | Drivers: One down-firing tweeter, one mid-woofer, two Class-D digital amplifiers | NFC: No | Aux-in: No | USB charging: Yes (USB-C, and comes with charging dock)

How to connect Bluetooth speakers to your mobile

  1. Tap the Bluetooth option

  2. Turn on Bluetooth

  3. A list of available devices will appear

  4. If your speaker is not listed, press the button on your speaker that makes it discoverable – it’s often a button with a Bluetooth symbol on it.

  5. On your mobile select your speaker (it might be a random product number but should have the speaker’s brand name listed) and that’s it, you’re connected!

What Makes This Waterboom 360 Bluetooth Speaker so Revolutionary?

Waterboom 360 speaker reviews

Enable To manage Calls

This portable speaker works great as a speakerphone for taking calls – something lacking on one of this speaker’s well-regarded contemporaries, the UE Wonderboom.

Multifunction Control

On top of the Water 360 speaker, you’ll find buttons for controlling every feature of the unit, including volume, playback, Bluetooth 4.0, aux and power. Bose’s multifunction button controls everything from music playback to activating voice assistants like Siri and Google Assistant.

Awesome Sound Experience

The Waterboom 360is an excellent sound speaker for folks looking for true 360-degree sound. It’s great for sharing music during a party or for moving around the room without losing audio fidelity.

It features a strong aluminum housing that comes in either silver or black and features a rubberized base and buttons. It feels extremely well and should put up with being tossed in a bag with keys and knick-knacks.

The microphone on the Waterboom 360 is located on top of the speaker, so it’s able to hear your voice from any direction.

Compatible with many devices and OSs

Speaking of devices and connectivity, this gadget is compatible with almost every device that can bond via Bluetooth. This is mainly because the speaker has no trouble connecting to devices with different operative systems.

The WaterBoom 360 works with Android, iOS, Siri, and Google Assistant, and as we all know, having a flexible speaker is always helpful.

Overall Excellent Performance

The WaterBoom 360 does perform very well, and it does work the way that it promises to work. The sound quality and durability of the product are amazing for this type of speaker.

The speaker produces a clear and stable audio output. Overall, the WaterBoom 360 does perform well, and it won’t let you down when you’re around water.

Waterboom 360 Reviews: Why should I Buy this Portable Bluetooth Speaker?

While it offers plenty of enticing features, perhaps the most impressive feature of the Waterboom 360 is just how life-proof it is.

It’s got a special fabric that can take a licking while still looking sharp. It’s also dustproof and waterproof, even being able to be submerge in water up to three feet for 30 minutes. All that, plus it’s got up to 20 hours of battery life for extended listening on the go.

It offers gorgeous looks, a slew of features, and great performance. It is highly recommendable to everyone who wants great sound on the go.

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Where to Buy Waterboom 360 Bluetooth Speaker?

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Waterboom 360 portable bluetooth speaker

The FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) About Waterboom 360 Reviews

Are Bluetooth or WIFI speakers better?

Wi-Fi speakers can be used anywhere within the Wi-Fi signal; stream media using the internet; use multiple speakers with one smart device; typically sound better than the current Bluetooth speakers on the market.

Do you lose sound quality with Bluetooth?

The amount of sonic information that can pass through traditional Bluetooth is less than through wired headphones or even a Wifi connection, meaning lower-resolution audio. So, No

What is the difference between WIFI speakers and Bluetooth speakers?

There are two ways to go wireless—Bluetooth and WiFi. WiFi speakers connect to your home network; they usually run on AC power, so they require an outlet. Bluetooth speakers are paired directly with a device like a phone or a laptop.

They tend to be compact and battery-powered, which also makes them more portable. Some models offer both connection options.

Most portable speakers use Bluetooth wireless technology to stream music from another device—say, cell phone or a laptop.

WiFi speakers let you take advantage of your home network, typically giving you a stronger, more stable signal.

Several of the highly-rated models in our testing have both WiFi and Bluetooth

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