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XPhone Review – Best Android Smartphone Experience

XPhone Review – XPhone uses the new & latest technology that makes it an immersive Android phone.

The smartphone industry nowadays is getting better & bigger every year. This introduction of new technical concepts & rapid development in technology can be seen with each passing year. All these features are now trending among the big crowd and all the smartphone manufacturing companies are trying to introduce smartphones with various & different combinations of specifications and the new and advanced features.

What is Xphone?

The XPhone is a smartphone that runs on the Android operating system designed to be the “expensive smartphone killer”, they tried to combine all the expensive high tech features into a budget-friendly phone. Were they able to pull it off? I don’t know, read on and you tell me.

The first thing you might notice about the XPhone is its uncanny resemblance to the iPhone with its touchscreen that spans almost the entire front surface of the phone. The screen has a 5.7-inch HD+ display.

What Comes in the Box

  • Xphone x 1
  • Lithium-ion batteries x 1
  • User manual x 1
  • EU power adapter x 1
  • USB cable x 1
  • Warranty card x 1

Technical Specifications

For this we really think its because they have focused on the most important things:

  • Long-life, all-day battery (with built-in, energy-saving software)
  • High-quality, sharp front and back cameras (16MP & 8MP)
  • Strong internet connection capabilities
  • Face unlock AND fingerprint unlock
  • Dual sim and memory card slots
  • Crystal clear
  • Dual GPS and GLONASS

Key Features

The XPhone is packed with lots of useful stuff you’d find in Apple’s newest iPhone or Samsung’s latest Galaxy:

  • Dual sim and memory card slots make it perfect for traveling with or for business people. It’s like having two phones, in one.
  • Face unlock AND fingerprint unlock, means you can get into your phone in a split second. However, nobody else can as it’s very secure.
  • The crystal clear, 5.7 inches, the all-screen display is both the perfect size for one-handed usage and watching videos in HD+.
  • Big 3350 mAh battery and the smart energy-saving software, means the XPhone can easily support a whole day of usage with a single charge.
  • Dual GPS and Glonass for ultra-accurate navigation in map and route planning apps

Xphone Review

Not only does the XPhone offer almost every language you can think of, but it comes with all you need to get going.


The XPhone is one of the slickest looking products on the market. With a 5.7 inch that offers 720p HD+ resolution you get a great size screen for watching and scrolling at your pleasure.

Simple To Use

The XPhone has the customer in mind when it comes to usage. It doesn’t take long for you to get to grips with the simple, yet impressive aspects of this smartphone. The XPhone comes with easy to follow instructions, and you will be able to set it up in no time.

Safe To Use

XPhone offers touch, and face recognition ID. You can unlock using up to 5 different fingerprints and with a speed of 0.1 seconds, it is lightning fast.

Long Battery Life

Xphone’s 3350mAh Li-Polymer Battery is one of the industry’s best and has a standby time of 290 hours, and a talk time that lasts around 9 hours. This is powerful, and up there with some of the best in the industry. This large battery will get you around 23 hours of music and 7 hours of video.

Impressive Camera

The XPhone has included a 16MP+5MP Dual/Rear Camera. The dual flash camera means you will never miss a moment, and capture it in an impressive, startlingly clear way. Too many modern smartphones fall behind in this area.

There are multiple modes available for your pictures. If you want to capture a high-quality selfie or make use of the beauty mode and any other feature, you know it is going to be taken in a clarity that will please anyone.

Storage Capacity

With XPhone‘s 16GB storage, you will have enough for most users. If you require extra, then you can get up to 128GB with an SD card. Your files can stay in one place, right where you need them.

Overall, xPhone is a low budget phone accessible to everyone and with a few high-end features.

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