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XY4+ By XY Find It Beacons Reviews: The Best Gps Tracker in 2020

XY Find it helps you to feel confident knowing you’ll never lose your most valuable Possessions—Like Your Car, Pets, Phone, Luggage, Wallet, or Keys—Ever Again!

Tired of losing your keys, wallet, and phone? Don’t worry XY find it review are here to help you.

If you’ve ever lost your keys, couldn’t find your car in a parking lot, had your luggage lost at the airport, or even had one of your most valuable possessions of all—your beloved pet—run away, you know how stressful life can feel in that moment. And that time you spend looking for your lost items, well… you can never get it back!

Now there’s a NEW and AFFORDABLE tech gadget that allows you to find anything you’ve misplaced—anywhere in the world—in just seconds!

Attach the coin-sized XY Find It to any item and use the free XY Find It app to find it in seconds. It’s easy to set up, easy to use and starts finding items in seconds!

Locate Any Misplaced Item in Seconds—Anywhere in the World—with the Hottest Tech Gadget 1,000,000+ people TRUST and LOVE!

Watch How Easily the XY4+ Can Simplify Your Life…

Stand-Alone Features of XY Find It GPS Tracker

  • Unlimited usage – no monthly fees, subscriptions, or hidden costs
  • Works everywhere and on everything – Find anything you want – all over the world
  • Easily hide it, or not! – With fun colors and a sleek design, conceal XY Find It or turn it into a great accessory

What is XY Find It GPS Tracker?

The XY Find It is a pint-sized location tracking tag that uses low-energy Bluetooth 4.0 technology to keep in constant communication with your phone. It’s designed to attach to just about anything and is engineered to keep track of where your stuff has been and send you notifications when items get too far away.

xy find it beacons

Doesn’t matter if you can’t find your keys (down the side of the sofa),…your wallet (bottom of your laundry hamper)……or your phone (dog left it under the rose bush in the backyard).

You can simply access your XY Find It app to trigger the alarm on your lost items, and they won’t stop ringing until you find them!. And the genius part of this invention is that it also works in reverse.

With a single press on the “XY” button on your XY Find It devise, your phone will start ringing. Loud and clear.

Even if you left it on silent!

It no longer matters what you’ve lost, you’ll find it fast and save yourself hundreds of dollars (and stress headaches) in the process!

Key features of XY Find It GPS Tracker

The XY4+ is the perfect example of how creativity and innovation come together to solve daily life problems and design a gadget that makes sure you can easily keep a check on the items that you are most likely to misplace.

  • Find your missing items: use your smartphone to trigger XY find it tracker (it will start ringing and flashing). If the device happens to be outside of the working range, the app will update the map with the last known location of your item to help you find it easier.
  • The New XY4+ Find It is the most powerful Bluetooth tracker; Created for those who value high performance, durability, and strong design
  • Ring your things: Use your smartphone to make your xy4+ ring when you misplace your things within 400 ft Bluetooth range
  • Find your phone: Can’t find your phone? Simply double press the xy4+ button on your xy4+ find it app to make your phone ring, even when it’s on silent
  • See it on a map: the xy4+ find it app remembers when and where you left something behind
  • Use Community Find: If you lose your XY find it, tracker, you can anonymously recruit the entire tracker community to help you find it; The mobile app running on their phones will send location updates to your app, letting only you know where your GPS tracker is.
  • Battery life: Replaceable CR1632 battery is guaranteed for one year from activation; You can easily replace it yourself
  • Compact and lightweight: Compact and unobtrusive, easy to carry and use. What’s more, you can preset 8 devices on one phone at the same time.

How Does XY4+ Find It Beacons Work?

xy find it car tracker

The XY4+ find it GPS tracker uses the latest Bluetooth technology and interface design to come up with a wider range, stronger signal and more convenient tracking experience to its users

It uses geolocation technology to show you exactly where stuff is on the map inside of the XY app (which is available on all iOS and Android phones).

All GPS trackers partner with a free app that is used to pair the XY4+ with your smartphone.

This way the trackers and the app recognize each other’s identification. The unique signature of each device ensures that your items cannot be tracked by outsiders unless you decide to use the Crowd GPS function.

The App will then allow you to give other app users your lost devices’ signature and grant them permission to track your device from their XY Find It account.

Performance and User Experience

The first thing I found in XY Find it beacons is It’s pop up onto my keychain. I’m notorious for leaving my keys in various places throughout the house, so being able to pull up the app for “hot-or-cold” style location awareness is a Godsend.

In fact, it’s so fun that Jovie (my 5-year-old daughter) and I have turned it into a game; we each take turns hiding the keys and sending each other on a “treasure hunt” throughout the house using the XY app’s signal strength indicator. Needless to say, it’s a hit with the Pre-K crowd.

One thing we discovered as part of our game is that the built-in speaker isn’t very loud. You may be able to use it to track down your keys in a silent house, but forget being able to rely on that in an environment with the ambient noise of any kind. That’s kind of a bummer.

The coolest feature of these little GPS trackers is their ability to immediately notify you when you leave something behind. Of course, this is helpful for items like keys and purses, but I think it has pretty incredible potential for one surprising task: protecting your kids.

Build Quality and Reliability

xy find it car tracker

Aside from the issues I had accessing the battery in one of the trackers, their utilitarian shells have proven to be tough and sturdy.

They also seem to perform consistently in my testing, though sometimes the responsiveness of the lost/found tag notifications can vary. Sometimes they pop up after just a second, and sometimes it takes half a minute. I’m guessing this is related to how quickly your phone realizes that it’s no longer in communication with the tag.

Look and Feel

xy find it

For a little gadget that you don’t want drawing too much attention to itself, the XY Find It is functionally attractive. The packaging is nothing to write home about (it’s a little busy and undercooked for my tastes), but the unit itself is tastefully designed with a pleasant, slightly rubberized texture.

It’s just a hair larger and thicker than I’d like it to be, but that doesn’t matter for how it’s intended to be used. An array of trendy designer colors and a distinctive geometric design make it a handsome addition for your keychain, backpack, or purse.

Integration with Other Platforms

The XY Find It GPS tracker currently pair with both iOS and Android devices, which is a great start. A desirable upgrade would be a smart home hub or similar integration that could alert you when certain tags left or arrived at the house. Again, I want my kids to live in a surveillance state

Is Xy Find It Gps Tracker Suitable For You?

This device is perfect for anyone who often forgets his/her stuff anywhere or someone who can not afford to lose the precious thing ever. If you often leave your thing in a hotel or a school or college anywhere, then this device is made for you.

It is also beneficial for the parents who want to take care of their children and keep track of their location each and every time.

The XY4+ has been proven to be perfect for keeping track of all your possessions including your:


How To Use XY Find It Gps Tracker

  1. Attach The Device

    Attach the XY4+ tracking devices to your items.

  2. Download the official app

    To download XY Find It for Android, please open the Play Store app on your Android device and search for “XY Find It”, then tap on the INSTALL button.
    Before proceeding, please make sure you have BLUETOOTH and LOCATION services turned on.

  3. Set up your account

    When the app is finished downloading, tap on OPEN. If you are asked to allow XY Find It to use your phone’s location services, please tap on ALLOW. If you have not yet created an XY Find It account, tap on JOIN in the bottom left corner. Enter your information, making sure everything is correct. When you’re done, tap on JOIN at the bottom of the screen.

  4. Claim Your XY2 or XY1.

    You will now see a screen showing a map with your location represented by a blue dot. Tap on the plus sign icon in the top right corner of the screen.

  5. Pair Your Xy Find It, Tracker, with App

    Re-insert the battery with the writing facing up and you should hear a small beep verifying the battery is supplying power to the XY2. Snap the finder closed when this is done, but be sure to be mindful of the sound system wires. Tap on where the app says “What will you attach XY to?” and enter the name of the object you’re going to attach your XY Finder to, such as “keys” or “wallet”.

  6. Take a photo of the item.

    Then you may tap on the camera icon and take a photo of the item. (If asked to allow XY Find It to use your camera or media files, please tap on ALLOW.)

  7. save your XY Finder.

    Tap on SAVE when you’re ready to save your XY Finder The photo and name of your XY Finder will show along the bottom of your screen on the left side. Its location will show on the map. You may now use your XY Finder.

  8. Test your XY Finder

    To test your XY Finder, tap on the photo of it, then tap on FIND IT in the bottom right corner. This will beep your XY Finder.

Why Should I Buy Xy Find It GPS Beacons?

Best Gps Trackers

It has been said that Americans spend 2.5 days a year looking for misplaced items. That’s time you’ll never get back and time that’s much better spent on doing something you love like playing with your kids and dogs, exercising, reading, whatever you enjoy doing!

But having a tracking device attached to your most important valuables gives you peace of mind, knowing that you have a much better chance of quickly and safely getting them back.

You can consider the following benefits while buying Xy find It beacons:

Louder Alarm (112 Decibels): You get 4X the volume vs. competitors so you can hear and find your lost item from farther away than other devices!

Farther Range(300 feet): You get 1.5X the range of other competitors, so your phone AND Crowd GPS has a better chance of finding your lost item!

Extended Battery Life: (5 Years): You don’t have to worry about an unexpected dead battery OR replacing the entire device like you’re required to with other competitors.

Ring Your Phone: You can find your phone in seconds using any of your devices.

Replaceable battery: You can continue using your XY Find It by simply replacing the battery when it’s done (approx. 5 years).

KeepNear(set your device to notify you when you walk away from it.): You can avoid losing or misplacing important items BEFORE you even lose them in the first place.

Crowd GPS(other peoples’ XY Find It apps can pick up your device’s signal and notify you of its last known location.): You have MILLIONS of people WORLDWIDE who can help you find your lost items.

FREE Subscription(No Subscription Fee): One-time purchase – NO reoccurring monthly bills to worry about.

Bluetooth Connectivity: You can easily pair and sync your devices to your phone.

Free App: You don’t have to pay for anything except the device – NO hidden fees, NO expensive app required.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee: You get peace of mind & security knowing that if you’re not happy, you have 60 days (2 MONTHS) to return it.

2 Year Warranty: Additional peace of mind knowing that if it breaks or is technically faulty, you can exchange it for a new one for up to 2 years!

Xy4+ Find It Reviews: Does It Worth Buying This GPS Tracker?

xy find it range

Yes Of course. Don’t get stuck wishing you had your own XY4+ only after you’ve lost something important and expensive—and it’s too late. You can do something NOW to never misplace your most important valuables again!

The XY4+ is a tracking device you can depend on – it has 4X the Volume, 1.5X the Range, and 5X the Battery life vs. some other similar devices.

It’s the world’s most advanced tracking device in its category and when it comes to finding your keys, wallet, car, purse, and other valuable items that can COST $100’s or EVEN $1000’s to replace…the price doesn’t seem so expensive anymore. PLUS, it’s tracking people can count on and it’s also much cheaper than GPS devices and in many cases just as effective.”

These tiny finding devices are so popular, they’ve been featured on WIRED, the Huffington Post, The Today Show, and even Fox News!

Millions Of People Trust XY Find It. Here’s Why…

“Already found my phone twice!”

Very easy to set up. I like the color and size on my key ring. Already found my phone twice when I forgot where I left it !! Highly recommend this product!
Verified Purchase, Kathryn B

“I have 6 of these now and they work great.”

I use them on my cars keys, work keys, tool box and a couple of actual tools that are costly if misplaced. They have come in quite handy when I have left a tool at a job site. I can look on the app and see the last place the tool was “seen” by the app. I also love that the battery is replaceable.
Verified Purchase Robery M.

“Highly recommended!”

One of the most practical and useful products I’ve had in a while. It helped me on several occasions to locate my keys. Highly recommended for its price and utility.
Verified Purchase -Simon C

How Much Does the XY4+ Cost?

What you’ll LOVE most about the XY4+ is how affordable it is! (Especially when you consider that it can cost upward of $100s or $1,000s of dollars to replace your valuable items that have been stolen or misplaced.)

An XY4+ is ONLY $39.99, AND you’ll feel confident purchasing yours knowing there are No Subscriptions or Monthly Fees!! Unlike other similar products that charge your credit card every month—you only pay for XY4+ once and it’s yours for life!

However, most people order multiples because they love their XY4+ so much! Everyone finds more than one thing they simply MUST not lose! Things like your car, a pet who runs away frequently, luggage when traveling, keys, bike, purse, backpack, and so much more—whatever other valuables you’re afraid of losing!

And each XY4+ comes with a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE + A 2-YEAR WARRANTY! There’s really no reason not to order yours right now!

Where Can I Get the XY4+ GPS Tracker?

Don’t be fooled by cheap knockoffs! Get the real XY4+ straight from their official website here.

Given the high demand, there’s not always stock available. And with the “BUY MORE, SAVE MORE SALE” they are running right now, I can foresee the XY4+ SELLING OUT really soon!

To make sure you can get yours, don’t wait!

Never Waste Money on Things You THOUGHT You Lost Again

xy find it app

The FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) About XY4+ Find It Beacons GPS Tracker:

Are there any subscriptions or monthly fees?

Unlike other devices, XY Find It has no extra fees or hidden costs! Find your valuables without limits!

Where does XY Find It works? Can I use it in any country?

Absolutely! The XY Find It App and XY Find It devices work all over the world, and with over 1,000,000 devices in the XY Find It Crowd GPS Network, you’ll find your lost items in no time!

How strong is XY Find It against weather & other bad conditions?

XY Find It is rugged & versatile – making it extremely strong. The device is also water-resistant and extremely durable in all conditions

Does each XY Find It come individually packaged for easy gifting?

Yes, rest assured that if you purchase more than one XY Find It, they will all be shipped individually packaged, making it very easy to gift. Take advantage of our large bundles and get all of your gift shopping done in one shot!

Does XY Find It come in multiple colors?

Yes! XY Find It comes in a color for everyone – Silver, Black, Blue, Purple, and Red.

How does XY Find It help me find my phone?

The XY Find It device has a small button that when pressed will ring your connected phone – even in silent mode!

Is there a Warranty or Money Back Guarantee? What is the return policy?

Each XY Find It device includes a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee plus you get peace of mind with a 2 Year Warranty.

Will I have to pay any additional customs, duties or VAT fees when I receive my order?

Depending on your country, it is possible that you will be charged one or more of these fees when you receive your order.

How long does delivery take to countries outside of the U.S.?

We ship orders out FAST, but we can’t control carrier transit times. For orders outside the USA, please allow 7-12 business days for your order to arrive. Delivery times will vary based on the country.

Is it legal to GPS track someone?

For starters, it’s entirely legal to use a GPS tracking device on any vehicle or asset you own. But before you use a GPS tracking device on someone else’s person, vehicle, or property, you should do a little research on current federal, state, and local laws.

XY Find It GPS Tracker vs Tile GPS Tracker

The market is full of highly useful and customized smart trackers. They are all amazing in their own ways but you need to pick the one that will be best according to your requirements. The color, shape, size and overall features tend to differ quite a bit and that gives you the scope of finding the one that is perfect for your daily use.

You have already read a lot about the XY Find It Tracker, so let’s know to discuss little about the Tile GPS Tracker

What Is Tile Pro GPS Tracker

If you find that you’re often scrambling to locate your keys or bag as you’re heading out the door, a Bluetooth tracker can be a lifesaver. Tile Mate (2020) is the one you may refer attach to your gear. It also has a range that’s long enough to cover most homes or workplaces, a loud alarm, and a replaceable battery. And it costs a little less than the top-of-the-line Tile Pro (2020).

The Tile Pro is a round-cornered square that’s about 1.38 inches across and 0.24 inches thick—smaller than a matchbook. It’s made of white plastic and has a flat button in the center. An opening in the top left corner lets you attach a keychain, lanyard, or similar tether. This Tile Mate is identical to the 2019 model, at least on the outside.

So, Let’s Have a look at the comparison of both XY find it and Tile Pro GPS Tracker

Connectivity Range of Trackers

In terms of the range, the XY Find It is quite impressive. In fact, it is capable of finding lost or misplaced objects as far as 91 meters (300 feet) away. You can operate it through sounding an alarm, which helps you find it. The optimum range though is the Bluetooth range, which is within 10 meters (30 feet) since this is the most effective distance range of Bluetooth.

The Tile is good for its range, but it has a shorter distance than it can cover effectively – up to a range of 74 feet, so the XY Find It beats it in this area.

Battery Life

One major difference to XY is that Tile doesn’t allow you to replace its battery. Tile state on their website they run a free replacement program should the battery die — this works for me.

Use of GPS

The XY Find It has a GPS feature, which the Tile lacks. The locating of objects in the XY Find It combines both GPS and Community finding features. Through GPS, it can track the exact placement of lost objects.

In addition, records your parking spot immediately when you leave it in your car. However, the Tile only uses Bluetooth tracking and community find (present in the XY Find It as well) to locate your misplaced item.

Final Answer: What is the better pick?

XY4+ improves upon an earlier key finder, with louder audio and a two-way find feature to locate your phone. The overall performance of xy4+ still falls flat.

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